Welcome to Computer Aided Manufacturing Lab (CAM-Lab.) at WPI

Computer-aided Manufacturing Laboratory (CAM Lab) is the host of many research projects in design and manufacturing for undergraduate and graduate students. Our fixturing research has been recognized nationally and internationally. The research in manufacturing systems and manufacturing processes is still expanding. Our academic research is combined with industrial application with both federal and industrial funding. We have an integrated research team with research associates, graduate and undergraduate students.

In 2010.9, CAM-Lab in China was established in Tsinghua University, China.

What's New
2011 ASME/SME/JSME Manufacturing Research Conference
June 2011

Prof. Rong attended 2011 ASME/SME/JSME Manufacturing Research Conference hosted by Oregon State University. He also met some friends and students graduated from CAM-Lab.

M.S. Dissertation Defense
June 2011

Mr. Apoorv Ravindra Mote successfully defended his M.S. dissertation. He will start his career life in Cameron. Congratulations to him.

Graduation 2011
May 2011

Haolun Li finished his MS study at WPI this summer and his career life begins with an internship from next week.

CHTE Meeting
May 24-25, 2011

Prof. Rong, Dr. He and Lei Zhang attended CHTE Meeting. At the meeting, Dr. He gave the project presentation on Carbonitriding and Lei gave the project presenations on Fatigue & NDT technologies.

2011 SME Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineers
May, 2011

Yihong "David" Yang is a former student in CAM-Lab and got the award of '2011 SME Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineers'. He is an engineering project team leader at Caterpillar Inc. now. His engineering career started in 2005 at Tech Center Manufacturing R&D. Yang dedicated his efforts in virtual manufacturing engineering domain, which uses various analysis and simulation, and digital/visualization tools to develop and validate the design and manufacturing processes in virtual environment to achieve quality, velocity and safety. He led a team to validate Caterpillar's major tractor new design concepts for manufacturability, ergonomics and serviceability. The contributions to the electric-drive tractor models, D6E and D7E, are tremendous. Yang also led many successful projects, such as digital factory development, virtual process planning system for fabrication and computer-aided modular fixture design system. He received his bachelor's and master's degrees in Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China. Yang holds PhD degree in manufacturing engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Ph.D Dissertation Defense
May, 2011

Mr. Shiping Huang successfully defended his Ph. D dissertation recently. Congratulations to him.

Patent Granted
May, 2011

The patent 'Systems and Methods for Predicting Heat Transfer Coefficients during Quenching' from Dr. Xiao, Dr. Wang, Prof. Sisson and Prof. Rong was granted recently.

Prof. Rong's Trip in CHINA
May 4 - May 22, 2011

12-5 Project Preparation(5/21): Prof. Rong discussed with Jiang Feng, Yan Lan, and Li Yong to prepare the 12-5 pre-proposal selection in Tsinghua

Visiting Southern China University of Science and Technology(5/20): Prof. Rong gave a seminor about grinding process modelling.

973 Project presentation and Defense(5/18 - 5/19): Prof. Rong made the final presentation and defense successfully.

Visiting Shanghai(5/16 - 5/17): Prof. Rong visitied Caterpillar at Suzhou, CIS at Wuxi and Saint Gobain at Shanghai.

CAM-Lab@Tsinghua Group Meeting(5/13)

973 Project Application Preparation(5/6 - 5/10): Outline discussion and presentation preparation.

Company Visit
May 2nd, 2011

Prof. Yiming Rong, Dr. Liang He and Xinyi Wu visited Amphenol-TCS at NH and discussed the project-'Thermal Analysis for the New Generation InfinX Solder Reflow with ABAQUS' with engineers from Amphenol-TCS research center.

CAM-Lab Spring BBQ Party
April, 2011

The traditional Spring BBQ Party of CAM-Lab was held at Quinsigamond Lake Park on April 30, 2011. Current CAM-Lab members, exchange students from HUST and some friends of CAM-Lab were getting together to enjoy the wonderful food, as well as having fun.

China Project Center Get Together
April, 2011

The China Project Center had its last get together of the academic year. It was a cook-out BBQ. More than forty students who are either going to China to do IQP/MQP in E or A term this year, or went to China before, as well the exchange students from HUST. Professor Rong distributed a note on the information of arriving China. Particularly this year, different groups of students will arrive at China at different time and locations. They also exchanged the China experience with “older” WPI students as well as exchange students

Ph.D Qualifying Exam
April, 2011

Wei Tian has successfully passed his Ph. D qualifying exam. Congratulations to Wei.

Technical Talk
April, 2011

Dr. Liang He gave a technial talk to MTE grduate students about carbonitriding process of steel and introduced some research work in CHTE on the heat treatment process modeling.

Graduate Research Achievement Days 2011
March 8, 2011

About the Event-The Sixth Annual Graduate Research Achievement Day (GRAD) 2011 spans two days and includes the Poster Symposium on Wednesday, March 30 and the Innovation Presentation Competition on Thursday, March 31. The top 8 to 10 students will be chosen to present again before a panel of expert judges in the Innovation Presentation Competition on March 31. The top 3 presenters will each be awarded prizes to help further their research, i.e. conference travel, books or lab supplies.

Lei Zhang, Yang Ge and Xinyi Wu will fight for the final prizes.

Exchanged Students from HUST
March 8, 2011

Nine exchange students from Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), Wuhan, China, came to study at WPI for seven weeks in D term. They work in three groups. One group is working on a lean manufacturing project sponsored by Amphenol TCS, Nashua, NH. The other two projects are on supplier chain management and grinding process modeling where the students work with graduate students in the area. Professor Amy Zeng and Professor Rong are their advisors

Prof. Rong's Trip in CHINA
February 26 - March 12, 2011

Visiting Guodian United Power Tech. Co., Ltd(3/8-3/10): Prof. Rong visited Guodian United Power Tech. Co., Ltd and discussed the preparation of a future 973 collaborative project.

973 Project Discussion (3/2-3/4)

CAM-Lab@Tsinghua Gourp Meeting(2/28): Prof. Rong organized the group meeting and discussed the research project development.

Visitor from China Consulate at New York
February 22, 2011

Mr. Wen Tong, vice consul of China Consulate at New York, visted WPI. Prof. Rong met with him.

Group Meeting
February 21, 2011

The first CAM-Lab weekly meeting in 2011 was directed by Prof. Rong today. Wei Tian gave a presentation - 'Fundamentals in Diagnosis of Structure Defects of Rolling Bearings – An Introduction'. Lei Zhang gave a presentation - 'Study on subsurface heating layer with induction method for Inconel 718 alloy'. Yang Ge gave a presentaion - 'Electromagnetic Effects in Induction Systems'. Zhanshu He gave a presentation about his study on the residual stress prediction model. Xinyi Wu also presented some CFD simulation results about his study project on gas quenching.

WPI Academic Advising Day
February 17, 2011

Prof. Rong met with 24 of his advising students to discuss their study plan in next academic year and future professional career plan.

Prof. Rong's Trip in CHINA
January 3-20, 2011

Visiting Huaqiao University(1/19): Prof. Rong and Dr. Xuekun Li visited Brittle Materials Processing National Laboratory at Huaqiao University. They met with Prof. Xipeng Xu and his team, discussed and exchanged the research developments in both teams. We will build some collaborative projects in the future.

New Year Celebrations(1/13-1/17) Prof. Rong attended several New Year Celebrations in China: a) Tsinghua University New Year Celebration; b) 'National Talent/Expert' Association first meeting and New Year Celebration; c) CAM-Lab@Tsinghua New Year Celebration.

Visitor to CAM-Lab@Tsinghua(1/7): CAM-Lab hosted visitors from Shenyang 1st Machine Tool Co.,Ltd. A collaborative research project was discussed and started on special polishing machine tool and technology development.

Institute of Manufacturing Enginnering(IME) Annual Meeting(1/6): Every research group reported achievements of 2010. The institute broke the record of external research funding to reach 100M RMB. As the chair of IME academic committee, Prof. Rong made a summary talk at the meeting.

Visit to Dalian University of Technology(1/5): Pof. Rong attended the preparation meeting for Remanufacturing 973 Project Application. Dalian University of Technology takes the lead.

New Member
January, 2011

Quan Zhou joined CAM-Lab in C-term. He transfered from Northeastern University in Jan 2011 and will study at CAM-Lab for 2 years.

Lab Move
January 1, 2011

New offices for CAM-Lab are WB313, WB310 and WB312. More detailed information in the left 'contact us' link.

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