The Concord North Bridge Today

This is how the Concord North Bridge looks today. Dedicated September 29, 1955 this is the fourth reconstruction of the Bridge, and the first to be historically correct in both construction and position. On both sides of the Bridge stand monuments to those who fought or died here. On these monuments these worlds appear.

On The 19th Of April, 1775
Was Made
The First Forcible Resistance
To British Aggression.
On The Opposite Bank
Stood The American Militia.
Here stood the invading Army,
And On This Spot
The First of The Enemy Fell
In the War Of That Revolution
Which Gave
To These United States.
In Gratitude to God
In the Love Of Freedom
This Monument
Was Erected
A.D. 1836.

To Commerate those British Who Fell at the Bridge, a grave was constructed with a heading written by James Russel Lowell.

They came three thasound miles, and died,
To keep the Past upon it's throne;
Unheard, beyond the ocean tide,
Their English mother made her moan.

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