Saratoga Staff Ride Tour Map

Adapted from drawing in John Elting's The Battles of Saratoga.

  1. American River Fortifications
  2. Neilson Farm
  3. Chatfield Farm
  4. Barber Wheatfield
  5. Balcarres Redoubt - Freeman's Farm
  6. Balcarres Redoubt - Morgan's Position
  7. Balcarres Redoubt - Poor's Position
  8. Balcarres Redoubt - Aftermath
  9. Balcarres Redoubt
  10. Breymann Redoubt
  11. Burgoyne's Headqarters
  12. The Great Redoubt

A brief description of the Battle of Freeman's Farm, including a map outlining unit positions and movements.
A map and description of the Battle of Bemis Heights.

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