Instructions: Please complete the 7-step procedure to create and submit your GRAD application electronically.

Applications must be submitted by October 29, 2014 at 5:00 p.m.

1. Application Summary

Please note: All fields other than those pertaining to co-authors are required.

Presenter's Name
(First, M.I., Last)
Email Address
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Daytime Telephone
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Advisor Name(s)
First Name M.I. Last Name E-mail
First Name M.I. Last Name E-mail

2. Poster Level

*Please note Capstone entries are not eligible for poster finals competition.

3. Poster Category

4. Poster Title

Please note: Title is limited to 25 words (190 characters, including spaces) in length.

0/190 characters | 0/25 words.

5. Abstract

  • Copy and paste your abstract into the space below. The abstract should include the purpose of the research, research method, findings and implications.
    Please note: Abstracts are limited to one paragraph of up to 250 words (1800 characters, including spaces) in length.

    0/1800 characters | 0/250 words.
  • Attach a Word file of your abstract.

    We intend to use this document to check formatting issues that may surface as a result of your text box entry.

Has your abstract been reviewed by your advisor?

6. Confidentiality of Intellectual Property

In order to protect disclosure of information of potential intellectual property value, Todd S. Keiller, Director of Technology Transfer, will review your abstract. He will contact you and your advisor(s) with any intellectual property concerns and suggest changes as necessary.

Does this abstract contain Intellectual Property that should be protected?

7. Submit Your Application

Once you have completed all the steps above, please click on the submit button below to submit your application.

Please note: You will not be able to edit your application once it has been submitted.

* Words are calculated based on spaces. Double spaces will count as two words.

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