Course Requirements and Schedule

Course Requirements

All courses in the STEM for Educators program are based on a three-semester year, where participants are able to take one to two classes per semester. Classes generally run as 2- or 3-credit courses. Participants need the following to graduate:

Please keep in mind that not all courses are offered each semester, so email or call us to find out more. Advisors will play a crucial role, working with participants.


Semester Dates
FALL '12 SEMESTER (14 WEEKS) September - December
WINTER '13 SEMESTER (14 WEEKS) January - April
SUMMER '13 (14 MEETINGS) April - June

Classes do not meet on those weeks when there are high school vacations. We understand that teachers lead busy lives and, to honor this, have made every attempt to assure that the schedule is as convenient as possible for participants.