Stephanie Curley, Phd student

Hometown: Millbrook, NY

Previous degrees/school where the degree was earned: BS, Biological Engineering, Cornell University

Why did you choose WPI for your Phd?
WPI: I chose WPI because I was extremely interested in the regenerative medicine and tissue engineering research done in the BME department. The collaborative research environment and the IGERT program also attracted me to the university.

What areas are you currently exploring? I’m a first year PhD student, and am currently doing lab rotations. However, I am extremely interested in regenerative medicine.

In which professors laboratory are you currently working?
I am doing my first lab rotation in Professor Gaudette’s lab.

Briefly describe the research:
In the Gaudette lab, the research focuses on delivering stem cells to infarcted hearts via sutures. I will be working on a project related to this in conjunction with the Billiar lab by modeling the infarct in vitro, and looking at how cell morphology changes in different strain fields.

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