Trustee Mentor Program

Make a difference. Have an impact. Connect with a Trustee Mentor.

The Trustee Mentor Program pairs student leaders with members of the WPI Board of Trustees to foster communication and provide mentoring opportunities. Interacting with highly successful community members, our students learn valuable networking and leadership skills. Student leaders are able to create connections with their Trustee Mentors, discussing issues that impact the student body with those who closely advise university decision makers. Trustee Mentors gain valuable insight into campus life and share their own experiences.  Interested applicants must be rising juniors and seniors with leadership experience.  The application process begins in C-Term of each academic year. 

Trustee Mentor Program

  • Learn the importance of open communication and develop lifelong connections with highly successful people willing to share their experience.

  • “I developed a real relationship with someone who has been successful in the engineering field, providing opportunities to ask for advice.”

  • Connect as a Trustee Mentor: Learn what is important on campus. Help create leadership opportunities. Bring your role as a WPI Trustee full circle.

  • “Having discussions with highly successful people devoted to WPI and hearing about their journey into the business world has been a great experience.”

  • Connect as a Student Mentee: Network with university leaders. Learn leadership and communication skills. Engage in meaningful conversations about WPI.

  • “We discuss student life at WPI, share stories and laughs. I am her connection to the student body and she is my professional advisor and a friend.”

  • “My trustee has helped me find opportunities and connect with influential leaders who have given me guidance for my postgraduate career.”

If you have Questions?

Contact Bernice Lisk, Executive Assistant, Office of Student Affairs and Campus Life, at or +1-508-831-6006. You can stop by the office located in the Campus Center, Room 226.

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