An Innovative Blending of Academic and Industrial Expertise

As the fastest growing segment of the therapeutics industry, biopharmaceutical companies produce new medicines to treat cancer and inflammatory and infectious diseases. Increasingly, however, the biomanufacturing industry is limited by a lack of qualified employees at every level—from equipment operators to quality control lab analysts to senior-level scientists. WPI has invested in the Biomanufacturing Education and Training Center (BETC) to fill this critical gap and foster the development of life science leaders and entrepreneurs for generations to come

Industry Partners are an  integral part of the design and development of the BETC at WPI. Experts in the fields have influenced the use of space and the choice of large-scale and bench top equipment—and the center will depend on our engaged life sciences companies to design and lead courses.  Your involvement will help to ensure that this center—the first of its kind in the Northeast—will meet the real-world needs of your industry.

Want to Get Involved?

Contact us for more information about partnership opportunities, including curriculum design and development, training, and customized programs for your organization at +1 508-831-5517 or email  

Why Choose the BETC?

Why Choose the BETC?

Director Kamal Rashid, PhD, describes the unique services and expertise of the BETC and why this type of hands-on training is so essential for the biotechnology industry.

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