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The Biomanufacturing Education and Training Center is the first-of-its kind biomanufacturing facility built and dedicated to the delivery of training programs for professionals in the biotech industry. The Center offers customized technical short courses and programs that are tailored to the customer’s needs, including:

  • Aseptic technique and processing
  • Fermentation techniques
  • Bioreactor operation
  • Cell harvest – centrifugation
  • Cell harvest - depth filtration
  • Column packing
  • Protein purification – chromatography
  • Protein purification – ultra-filtration
  • cGMP compliance for facilities and engineering
  • cGMP compliance for manufacturing
  • Equipment cleaning, preparation, sanitization, and sterilization
  • QC – environmental monitoring
  • CAPA and root cause analysis

Training Opportunities Currently Available

In addition to the customized programs we can deliver for your organization, there are opportunities for individual students to enroll in technical short courses, available at various times during the year.  Administration of these programs is managed through the Office of Corporate and Professional Education.

 Program Name  Dates
Applied Principles for DFF and TFF May 19
Oct 27-30
Microbial Fermentation Development: Scale-up and Manufacturing June 3-6
Design of Experiments for Biomanufacturing June 9
October 7
Downstream Principles and Techniques for Biomanufacturing July 8-11
Troubleshooting the Biomanufacturing Process and Root Cause Analysis July 15
August 26
November 18
Upstream Processing of Animal Cell Culture August 5-8
Fundamentals of Bioprocessing for Engineers August 19-22
Fundamentals of Biomanufacturing September-November
Design of Critical Utilities for Biomanufacturing Facilities September 9-12
Cleaning Validation September 23-24
Quality by Design September 25-26
Principles and Techniques for Insect Cell Culture 2015
Practical Aspects of Biologics Manufacturing 2015

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