It's All About Trust: WPI Researchers Help Build a Safer and More Secure Digital World

Research on wireless networks, cloud computing, social media, and electronic security aims to overcome our anxiety about our digital devices and the data we entrust to them.

The digital devices and wireless networks that have become ubiquitous in our lives help us stay in touch and save us time. But are they secure? Can we be confident that they will keep the information we entrust to them safe?

At WPI, a number of researchers, including Wenjing Lou, pictured here, and Berk Sunar, both associate professors of electrical and computer engineering, and William Martin, professor of mathematical sciences, are trying to answer that question. They are all hard at work on advanced technologies and techniques that will help us overcome our anxiety by making digital devices and networks more trustworthy, and the data they handle more secure.

Read more in this story by Alexander Gelfand in WPI's annual research magazine.



July 29, 2010

Contact: Michael Dorsey, Director of Research Communications, +1-508-831-5609, mwdorsey@wpi.edu