Gem of a Read

Just a quick note to tell you that I loved the current edition of our school publication. It came yesterday. I properly disposed of the other mail and then picked up Transformations. Two hours later, I finished reading it from cover to cover— just a real gem. It’s so full of good, interesting school news. I can’t wait for the next issue.

Edwin Campbell ’43
Falmouth, Maine

Moved to Reconnect

Last summer’s Transformations contained approximately 150 obituaries—more than six pages’ worth—and for the first time I read them all very carefully. I found the synopsis of many distinguished careers inspiring and couldn’t help wondering the degree to which their WPI education had made these careers possible.

It was shocking to me to read of the death of so many of my classmates. It’s unfortunate we didn’t have a chance to communicate with those we knew quite well before they passed away, which, in my case, included many Phi Kappa Theta fraternity brothers with whom I lived for three years.

It would be a kick to hear from my classmates. Care to give it a shot? I’ll watch the mail! [See page 36 for full note.]

Don Lewis ’51
Bethel, Conn.

Entrepreneurial Interests

Congratulations to Transformations. I enjoyed your summer issue, in part due to my interest in entrepreneurship. Continued good wishes to the magazine.

Don Berth ’57
Holden, Mass.

Donald F. Berth established the WPI Entrepreneurs Collaborative (now the Collaborative for Entrepreneurship and Innovation) following his decade tenure as vice president for university relations.


Furry Friends

Editor’s note: Transformations received an outpouring of letters, emails, and other feedback after we ran the article “Breeding Business on Fertile Ground,” which featured the story of Jennifer Lutz ’94, an alpaca breeder in Vermont. We were both surprised and delighted to learn that Ms. Lutz is not the only alpaca-breeding WPI alum. Mike Busky ’78 and his wife, Laura, own North Brook Farm Alpacas in Berlin, Mass.

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