Biology and Biotechnology

Poster Session, 9:30 to 11:30 a.m., Campus Center, Odeum

Correlating Pentosidine Levels with Age in Avian Species

Allyssa Vincent, Jennifer Lapierre
Advisor: Mike Buckholt

A Pathogenesis Screen Using C. elegans to Identify Virulence Factors in Candida albicans

Kelly Pastor, Margaret Chiasson, Ben Landry, Kurtis McCannell
Advisor: Reeta Prusty Rao

CLK1 and Its Effects on Telogen Stem Cell Differentiation

Jennifer Maurer, Shannon Doherty
Advisor: Dave Adams
Sponsor: UMass Medical School

The Effects of Phytoestrogens Found in Promensil on Human Ductal Carcinoma

Olivia O’Connell, Lauren Gergel
Advisor: Jill Rulfs, Mike Buckholt

A Novel Role of the p53 Tumor Suppressor Pathway in Maintaining Glucose Homeostasis

Debra Franck, Laura Tracy
Advisor: Dave Adams
Sponsor: Hayla Sluss, UMass Medical School

Functional Analysis of MIG-10, a Cytoplasmic Adaptor Protein Important in Neuronal Migration and Process Outgrowth in C. elegans

Subaiou Zhang
Advisor: Elizabeth Ryder

Recombinant Reoviridae HIV Vaccine

Cameron Habib
Advisor: Destin Heilman
Sponsor: Max Nibert

Production and Screening of a Random Peptide Library for Blocking HIV GP120 Attachment to CD4

Andrew Bartley
Advisor: Dave Adams

Alpha-B-crystallin Mediated Rescue of Centriolin Depletion Induced Cell Death in Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells

Catherine Campbell
Advisors: Dave Adams,
Stephen Doxey (UMass Medical School)
Sponsor: UMass Medical School

Swapping Stories: Gaining Insight to Cancer Therapeutics and EGFR Signaling from Flies

Debra Afezolli
Advisor: Joe Duffy

GPI Linkages in the NS1 Protein Causes Induction of IL-8 in Dengue Virus

Myles Walsh, Justin Deveau
Advisor: Dave Adams
Sponsor: Jake Collins

Gadd45-Alpha; and Metastatic Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell Migration

Sally Trabucco
Advisor: Dave Adams
Sponsor: UMass Medical School

Movement and Microhabitat Selection of Crayfish Indigenous to the East Brimfield Dam

Jerrod Oltman
Advisor: Mike Buckholt

A Genetic Approach to the C. elegans NMJ

Jason Climer
Advisor: Liz Ryder

Neurotransmitter Signal Transduction and Its Role in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Felipe Strefling, Jenny Strefling
Advisor: Dave Adams, Alice Gardner (Mass. College of Pharmacy)
Sponsor: Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Sciences, Worcester Campus

HIV Drugs and Glucan Particles

Joe Walsh, Alexandra Griffin
Advisor: Dave Adams,
Gary Ostroff (UMass Medical)
Sponsor: UMass Medical

Analysis of Microarray Data to Confirm Novel Subtype of Breast Cancer

Justin Liu, Philip Davidson
Advisor: Dave Adams

AFLP analysis of Introgression

Margaret Allard
Advisor: Mike Buckholt, Lauren Mathews

Poster Session, 1:00 to 3:00 p.m., Campus Center, Odeum

C. elegans Transcription Cofactor

Vcitor Zeng
Advisor: Liz Ryder

The Effect of Analog Compounds and siRNA Combination Treatments Using 4-methylthio-2-oxobutyric Zcid on Cancer Cell Viability

Meghan Elise Cockerill
Advisor: Dave Adams
Sponsor: UMass Medical School, Grossman Laboratory

Investigation of the Potential Sec6p/Sec9p Bindiing Site

Ashleigh Elizabeth Wood
Advisors: Dave Adams, Mary Munson (UMass Medical School)
Sponsor: UMass Medical School

Designing the Inner Layer of an Equine Safety Boot

Marcella Granfone, Meggan Birmingham
Advisor: Jill Rulfs, Carl Kirker-Head (Tufts Veterinary School)
Sponsor: Tufts Veterinary School

Characterization of the mig-10 Mutation RY0920 in C. elegans

Jarad Kukla
Advisor: Liz Ryder, Mike Buckholt

Identification of a Rhizobia Species That Can Establish Nitrogen-fixing Nodules in Crotalaria longirostrata

Tamara Mason, Andrea Bisson
Advisor: Ally Hunter
Sponsor: Frank Mangan

Phytoestrogen Project

Mohammed Suhail Akhtar, Christina Ferrari
Advisor: Mike Buckholt

The Effect of 4-methythio-2-oxobutyric Acid on Cancer Cell Migration

Daniel Parker
Advisor: Dave Adams
Sponsor: UMass Medical School

Crayfish as Bioindicators of Water Quality

Matthew Cembrola and Patrick Massey
Advisor: JoAnn Whitefleet-Smith

Effect of Phytoestrogens on Apoptosis of T47D Cells

Nadia Skorinko, Therese Comeau
Advisors: Mike Buckholt, Jill Rulfs

Heterodimers in a Y1H Assay

Brian Renda
Advisor: Joe Duffy
Sponsor: Marion Walout

Activation of the ER Stress Pathway by Endogenous Glucose Fluctuations in the Zebrafish Embryo

Briana Lorenzo, Phoebe Riley
Advisor: Dave Adams
Sponsor: UMass Medical School

Design and Implementation of a Venus-YFP Complementation System for Use in the Detection of Viral Pathogens

Maura Craig, Erin Burns
Advisor: Dave Adams, Allan Rothman, M.D.
Sponsor: CIDVR UMass Medical School

Transformation of Ettlia oleoabundans, a Potential Biofuel Alga

Brant Carter
Advisors: Pam Weathers


Michael Isidoro, Richard Messier
Advisor: Mike Buckholt

The Role of ST18 in Inv16 Leukemogensis
Dana Peterson
Advisors: Dave Adams,
Lucio Castilla (UMass Medical School)
Sponsor: UMass Medical School

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