Federal Title IV Authorization Form

Under federal law, WPI must receive your authorization to cover non-institutional charges with federal financial aid funds. These charges may include, but are not limited to: bookstore credits, auxiliary and point funds, project center housing fee, health insurance, late payment, late registration fees and/or other miscellaneous fees.

To authorize payment of these fees, indicate your approval by completing the below information.

  • If you do not complete this Authorization Form, WPI must assume that you wish to "decline this authorization" to use of your federal financial aid funds.
  • If you decline the use of your federal financial aid funds, you assume responsibility for paying any account balance not covered by federal financial aid by the specified due date. Charges not paid by the due date are subject to late fees.
  • Failure to submit your authorization could also prevent you from receiving a refund in a timely manner.

Your selection remains in effect until you leave or graduate from WPI or until written notice of change is received. This is a voluntary authorization. You may withdraw authorization in writing to the Bursar’s Office, 2nd Floor, Boynton Hall at any time.

I "authorize" WPI to cover all charges including, but not limited to any non-institutional charges on my student account.
I "authorize" WPI to cover prior year charges up to $200, including, but not limited to non-institutional charges.
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