Summer Academic Success Program

The Summer Academic Success Program (SASP) is an opportunity for students who may have struggled academically this year to take courses during E term to help improve their academic performance in the future.

Participation in the program is recommended for:  

  • Students on academic warning or academic probation who have passed at least two units of academic work during A-D terms 2014-2015 (excluding Physical Education and ROTC courses). Passing ID 1000 and two E  term classes at WPI will result in a change in academic standing (from probation to warning or from warning to good academic standing). In some cases, students can also restore their eligibility for future financial aid.  
  • Students on academic warning or academic probation who have passed fewer than 2 units of academic work (excluding Physical Education and ROTC courses) during A-D terms 2014-2015 and want to improve their learning and study skills. Students in this situation are not eligible for a change in academic standing.
  •  Students who want to improve their learning and study skills.    

To participate in our Summer Academic Success Program, students need to enroll in:

  • Two E Term courses at WPI (through the Registrar’s Office via Bannerweb)
  • Summer Academic Success Program (ID 1000). This course will take a holistic view of learning and will include topics such as stress and time management, reading and writing skills, motivation, and goal setting. Tuition is $450.00.

There is one section of ID 1000 offered this summer (CRN 30016). It will run from May 26, 2015 to July 2, 2015. Registration for the course requires instructor approval.


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