Elevator Pitch Competition

And the 2012 winners are.....

First Place: Syed Sarim Ali, a graduate student who made a top notch career pitch. The prize was $350!

Second place: Ross Lagoy, an undergraduate student with a perfect business pitch. The prize was $150!

What's Your One-Minute Pitch?

How would you pitch a great business idea to potential partners or investors?
How would you pitch yourself to a career fair recruiter?  What would you say about yourself during a brief social or business encounter?
How would you persuade other students to join your project team or convince a potential advisor or sponsor of your project's merit?

We've designed a workshop to cover the basics of creating an Elevator Pitch for three different pitch situations. Consider attending the workshop and then making a one-minute pitch WPI's Annual Elevator Pitch Competition. 

It's easy as 1-2-3

  1. Attend the Elevator Pitch Mentoring Event (To be announced for 2014). This event will help you prepare a pitch. Briefly covered will be what an elevator pitch is and why it is a useful skill throughout life. Begin writing, refining, and practicing your pitch with a mentor. Register for the workshop.
  2. Register to enter the Elevator Pitch Contest (Date and time to be announced for 2014). Business pitches are confidential, but personal and project pitches may have an audience.
  3. Stay around if you can to see if you won a prize.

Pitch Categories

  1. Personal Pitch - for networking during social or business encounters or at a career fair.
  2. Project Pitch - for persuading students to join your team, advisors to advise, or sponsors to fund.
  3. Business Idea Pitch - for peaking investor or potential team partner interest and confidence in your ability to execute your business idea, model or plan.

Please register separately for each pitch category. You are eligible to win a first-place monetary prize in one category only. However, you may receive an award certificate in lieu of a cash prize in more than one category.

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