Elevator Pitch Competition

And the 2012 winners are.....

First Place: Syed Sarim Ali, a graduate student who made a top notch career pitch. The prize was $350!

Second place: Ross Lagoy, an undergraduate student with a perfect business pitch. The prize was $150!

What's Your One-Minute Pitch?

How would you pitch a great business idea to potential partners or investors?
How would you pitch yourself to a career fair recruiter?  What would you say about yourself during a brief social or business encounter?
How would you persuade other students to join your project team or convince a potential advisor or sponsor of your project's merit?

We've designed a workshop to cover the basics of creating an Elevator Pitch for three different pitch situations. Consider attending the workshop and then making a one-minute pitch WPI's Annual Elevator Pitch Competition. 

It's easy as 1-2-3

  1. Attend the Elevator Pitch Mentoring Event November 14, 2012, (4:00-5:30 p.m. in the Campus Center Mid-Century Room). This event will help you prepare a pitch. Briefly covered will be what an elevator pitch is and why it is a useful skill throughout life. Begin writing, refining, and practicing your pitch with a mentor. Register for the workshop.
  2. Register to enter the November 16, 2012, Elevator Pitch Contest (3:00-5:00 p.m. Campus Center Chairman's Room). Business pitches are confidential, but personal and project pitches may have an audience.
  3. Stick around if you can, to see if you won a prize.

Pitch Categories

  1. Personal Pitch - for networking during social or business encounters.
  2. Project Pitch - for persuading students to join your team, advisors to advise, or sponsors to fund.
  3. Business Idea Pitch - for peaking investor or potential team partner interest and confidence in your ability to execute your plan.

Please register separately for each pitch category. You are eligible to win a first-place monetary prize in one category only. However, you may receive an award certificate in lieu of a cash prize in more than one category.

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