Disclosing a Disability


Students can disclose a disability and request accommodations at any point throughout their academic career at WPI. To be considered for disability-related accommodations, students will need to follow three easy steps:


  1. Complete a Voluntary Disclosure Form to tell us more about you and the accommodations you would like to request.
  2. Submit the Voluntary Disclosure Form with appropriate documentation. (See our Documentation Guidelines for more information).
  3. Contact the Office of Disability Services to schedule an intake appointment (1 hour).

During the intake appointment students will meet with disability services staff to discuss the accommodations for which they were approved and any other supports we recommend. The student will have a chance to ask any questions about their documentation and why they were approved or denied for any specific accommodations.

Students may request their documentation be reconsidered if they were denied a specific accommodation or may request additional accommodations if they have new or updated documentation.

Once approved for accommodations, students will be eligible to receive these accommodations throughout their time at WPI, unless they take a substantial time off, accommodations are approved on a temporary basis, or the student's disability has changed.


If a student does not have a diagnosed disability, but thinks they may be struggling with disability-related functional limitations and have questions about getting assessed or diagnosed, Disability Services staff can meet to discuss appropriate academic strategies, possible temporary accommodations, and how to seek a diagnosis and documentation. Contact the Office of Disability Services to schedule a consultation appointment (30 minutes).