Emergency Evacuation Procedures for Students with Disabilities

It is extremely important for WPI students with disabilities to be familiar with their needs should there be an emergency evacuation from their residence hall, classroom, or any building on campus. They are expected to convey these needs to the Office of Disability Services, +1-508-831-4908; if you are living in the residence halls the Director of Residential Services, +1-508 831-5645; Campus Police, +1-508-831-5433; and your professors at the start of each new term. Students with hearing impairments who require visual alarms in their residence hall rooms should inform the Director of Disability Services and the Director of Residential Services about their needs as early as possible.

Students with disabilities are advised to prepare for an emergency ahead of time. It their responsibility to do the following at the beginning of each term;

  1. Fill out and sign the Release of Information and Special Assistance forms, available in the WPI Office of Disability Services, 157 West Street.
  2. Give a copy of your class schedule to the Director of Disability Services.
  3. Inform your instructors
  4. Your classroom/residential locations will be given to the Residential Services, Campus Police and the Crisis Team. In the event of an evacuation, Campus Police will give the Fire Department the list to help them locate students who may need assistance with evacuation.
  5. Know the safest method to use to assist you.
  6. Know how many people would be needed to provide you with assistance.
  7. Be prepared to explain how and where a person(s) should support you.
  8. Know the location of and move to the closest stairwell on each floor. Fire Department personnel will be directed to check those stairwells first to locate individuals who need to be transported to the ground floor.
  9. Participate in fire drills. Drills are used to familiarize you with the building's alarm and the emergency exits that will be available during an evacuation.

Even if the disability is temporary, students should familiarize themselves with the WPI residential hall fire safety policies and procedures, plan ahead for fire emergencies, and know your own capabilities and/or limitations. They should locate and remember important areas in buildings they frequent including exits, exit routes, rescue areas, stairways, elevators, and telephones.


Student Accommodation Services, +1-508-831-4908