A Handbook For Parents of Students with Disabilities

Toto, I Have A Feeling We Are Not In High School Anymore

This handbook written, edited and published by the University of Montana-Missoula Disability Services for Students (DSO) staff has been edited for use by Worcester Polytechnic Institute with permission of Jim Marks, the Disability Services Director of University Montana-Missoula.

This handbook is directed primarily toward students with disabilities and their parents. It introduces some of the legal and philosophical changes that occur for students with disabilities upon graduation from high school and entrance into WPI.

  1. Introduction: The Land of Oz
  2. What is the difference between entitled to education and right to equal access to education?
  3. What if my child was served under a 504 Plan instead of an IEP?
  4. What is meant by reasonable accommodation?
  5. What is meant by otherwise qualified?
  6. What is meant by the phrase with or without reasonable accommodations?
  7. Who will manage my son or daughter's educational services?
  8. My son or daughter is adamant - he/she doesn't want anything to do with any disability office! What happened?
  9. I understand the philosophy now, but what is the process, or how does DSO work?
  10. Why doesn't DSO provide LD/ADD/ADHD assessment?
  11. How has my role as a parent changed?
  12. If we sent my son or daughter's 504 plan or IEP to Admissions, is he/she automatically registered with DSO?
  13. What do you mean you cannot disclose any information to me about my son or daughter's services?
  14. What services does DSO provide?
  15. What does my son or daughter do when a faculty member or instructor doesn't make time for them?
  16. Okay, we've talked about academics, but what about my son or daughter's living situation?
  17. Conclusion: Off to see the Wizard
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