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Department: Computer Science
Location: Gateway Park GP4018
Students Required: 1
Hours per week: 5
Federal Funding: Required
Job Description: Seeking a passionate, driven Computer Science or Interactive Media and Game Development major to continue work on an already-deployed website designed to connect postdoctoral researchers and academic talk, lecture, and conference opportunities in their area. Responsibilities include developing and shipping new features in a timely manner, as well as researching and prototyping new features that may be useful if implemented.
Requirements: Applicants for this position should ideally be proficient in working with PHP & MySQL or similar relational database management systems. JavaScript programming experience is preferred, and experience with the JQuery framework will be helpful. A well-qualified candidate will have taken and excelled in or have experience equivalent to Software Engineering, Database Systems I, and Social Implications of Information Processing and should possess a familiarity with probability and basic algorithms; someone extremely qualified will have taken or be taking a combination of Human-Computer Interaction, Database Systems II, WebWare, and/or a course in Data Mining. There is potential to develop this position into an independent study project and/or an internship extending through the summer.
Contact Person: Prof. Luis Vidali
Phone: 4194
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