Massachusetts State Tax

If you were a legal resident of Massachusetts and your gross income in 2014 was more than $8,000 you are required to file a Massachusetts income tax return. If your gross income was $8,000 or less, you do not need to file a return. If your gross income was less than $8,000 and you had Massachusetts State Tax withheld, you most likely would want to file a state tax return in order to get your state refund.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts uses a different definition to determine if you are considered a Resident or Non-resident for tax purposes.

You are a Full-Year Resident if your legal residence (not living on campus) is in Massachusetts and you spend more than 183 days, in the aggregate, in Massachusetts. If you fit this description you should file a Massachusetts Resident Income Tax Return, Form 1. You can also access the information booklet electronically.

You are a Nonresident if you do not fit the above description and if you need to file a Massachusetts state tax return you should use the Form 1-NR/PY. You can access the information booklet electronically as well.

In addition, to income tax the state of Massachusetts requires that residents submit proof of health insurance coverage with their state tax forms. This is the "Schedule HC" form and can be filled out with information supplied by your health insurance company.

If you are interested in more information on Massachusetts State Tax you can visit the Massachusetts Department of Revenue.