President Thanks Students for "21st Century Einsteins" Recognition

President Berkey reaches out to students to express gratitude for raising the profile of WPI in the Unigo rankings.

Following is the text of an email message from President Berkey to all WPI students.

Dear WPI Students,

Last week WPI earned a nice distinction, showing up on Unigo’s “Colleges for 21st Century Einsteins,” which lists the top 10 schools for science and technology as rated by students.

Public recognition is always gratifying, but what makes this ranking particularly satisfying is that it is based on your feedback, as Unigo uses only student surveys and interviews for their analysis.

So first, I want to thank you for taking the time to stand up for your university. More, I want to thank you for the many valid points you raised about your school. WPI is described as “a small private university that attracts some of the brightest young science and engineering students in the nation”—a description I agree with whole-heartedly.

In the Unigo surveys, you cite our curriculum, your close working relationship with faculty, and our rigorous seven-week terms as distinguishing traits of a WPI education. You also mentioned our excellent reputation within various industries. As one student succinctly put it: “The people who matter—the ones who hire college grads—they DO know about WPI, and they hold it in very high esteem.”

Such comments reflect well on our programs and our talented faculty, and I will make it a point to share your comments with them. MIT, CalTech, Princeton, Dartmouth, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Case Western, Georgia Tech, and Cornell are the other schools that made this list.

The “Colleges for 21st Century Einsteins” ranking goes on to say that, “Students who graduate from WPI may have plenty of high-paying professional options awaiting them, but they have to survive the school's rigorous academics first.” Which is a good reminder that the real rewards in life come from the work at hand.

Again, my sincere thanks to you for standing up for WPI and the important work we do here together. 


Dennis Berkey

October 4, 2011

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