ID Services


The ID Services Office is located on the first floor of East Hall room 102.  ID Services can provide you with a new or replacement ID.  


Monday – Friday 8am –5:00pm 


ID's that are lost or not working due to wear and tear are billed for a replacement card.  Replacement cost are billed directly to your WPI student account.  The costs are:

  • $25 for Undergraduate Students
  • $15 for Graduate Students
  • Free for Faculty/Staff

Payment is not accepted on site, it must be billed to your account. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most commonly asked question about getting a new or replacement ID.  If you have any other questions please email us at

Will it take a long time to get a replacement?

We make replacements on the spot and shouldn’t take longer than five minutes!  

How is payment made?

All charges are made to the student account.  

When will I see the charge on my account?

Charges happen once a month at the beginning of the month   

Will I be charged for my replacement ID? 

Students are charged for all lost and damaged ID’s.  

My RFID stopped working – what happened?

The RFID will stop working for a variety of reasons.  Most include misuse of the ID and the student in most cases will be charged for a replacement.  Please keep your ID away from magnets, cell phones, and any other electronics.  We suggest using a holder for your ID.  

When won’t I be charged for a replacement? 

If your ID looks like the day it was issued and it is your very first replacement in most cases you will not be charged.



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