Student Organization Mail Service

All recognized student organizations have a mailbox located in the Student Activities Office. The box receives U.S. Postal Service mail, campus mail, & commercial flyers.

Organization mailboxes do not have box numbers. Correspondence to your organization mailbox should be addressed as follows:

(Organization Name)
c/o The Student Activities Office
100 Institute Road
Worcester, MA 01609-2280
Attn: (Club Officer)


Organizations receiving packages at the organization mailbox address will receive an e-mail.

Organizations wishing to send packages (up to 50 pounds per package) may bring the wrapped package to the SAO for help in processing. A UPS billing form (available in the SAO) will need to be completed for each package shipped. "Ship to" addresses must include a street address. UPS will not deliver to post office box numbers.

Organizational Mailings

Organizations planning to send meeting/event notices, newsletters, etc. to their membership through on-campus mail must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. The member's first and last name and WPI box number must appear on the outside of the mail in legible print.
  2. Large-mailings (i.e., over five pieces) must be placed in ascending order by box number and secured with a rubber band or paper clip.
  3. Notices, newsletters, etc. must measure at least 4" x 5 1/2" and be no larger than 11" x 17".
  4. Mailings to faculty, staff, or administration should include the person's full name and department (not the building).
  5. Mailings to student organizations should be done directly in the Student Activities Office.

Organizations planning to do a bulk-mailing to off-campus addresses (e.g., alumni, friends, etc.) should place the mail in ascending order by zip-code. The entire mailing should be placed in a box or mailing tray (available in the Campus Center Mailroom). All pieces must be identical and include the "Bulk Rate" imprint. A sample with no address should be included. Bulk mailings must have a minimum of 200 pieces. The organization should then complete a mailing work order form, available in the SAO, and deliver the mailing to the Campus Center Mailroom. We suggest that you contact the mail room staff for specific instructions and details.


Student organizations requiring mailing labels for a particular student population may request them through the Registrar's Office. The request will require the signature of the administrator responsible for your student organization account. Labels for faculty, staff, and administration may be requested through Duplicating Services in Boynton Hall.

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