Gaann Grant For Healthcare Innovation

The Department of Education has awarded a $400K grant to Dr. Isa Bar-On (PI, Mechanical Eng), along with her co-PIs, Drs. Christopher Brown, Jianyu Liang, (both of Mechanical Eng.), and Sharon Johnson, (School of Business) in Graduate Assistantships in Areas of National Need (GAANN) program for their project entitled GAANN: Leaders in Advanced Manufacturing and Healthcare Systems Innovation (LAMHSI). Through the GAANN Leaders in Advanced Manufacturing and Healthcare Innovation (LAMHSI) program 3 doctoral students in Manufacturing Engineering (MFE) will be educated.  The motivation for this project is to train GAANN fellows in MFE in order to increase the supply of highly trained innovators who can ensure the competitiveness of the US economy. The GAANN fellows will be mentored to take on leadership roles in academia, industry and government.  Students will be engaged in cutting edge research in nano-manufacturing, design and evaluation of healthcare delivery processes, and design of healthcare systems.  


December 13, 2012

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