Microbiologist Reeta Prusty Rao (see Winning the War on Germs).

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Why We Search
A message from President Dennis D. Berkey

Research Roundup
A review of awards, honors, books and major grants

The Life Sciences and Bioengineering Center
WPI's new research center opens soons in Gateway Park

Winning the War on Germs
Attacking malaria with plants, bacteria with juice, fungi with genetics

The Unseen Challenge
Seeing people indoors, tumors in the breast, mammals in the sea

Rebuilding the Body
Engineering tissue, building better prostheses, regrowing limbs

Helping the Hydrogen Economy Break Even
It will take better fuel cells, cheaper hydrogen, and smart policies

The Art and Science of Games
From either perspective, it's all about creating a sense of immersion

Tools of the Trade
Touching the invisible with the atomic force microscope