Regi 25

WPI Customized Classes Discoverer 4: Using a Web-Enabled Reporting Tool

At the end of this week, the CCC Banner Group will be upgrading the Discoverer4 reporting database to the newer OracleBI Discoverer version. The new version of Discoverer is primarily a "web-enabled" reporting tool. WPI is presently using this version of Discoverer in reporting against the ODS database. This upgrade will enable end users to utilize the same version of Discoverer when reporting against either the PROD or ODS environments.

To accomplish this upgrade, the current PROD End User Layer (EUL) is upgraded to the new version. This process is done once for the entire EUL. That means all user workbooks will be upgraded at the same time. The present client-server link on your computer desktops will stop working, and you will need to open your reporting workbooks using the new "web-enabled" OracleBI Discoverer. There are a number of navigational changes in the web version of the new Discoverer.

  • The look and feel of the navigation has changed.
  • Conditions, calculations, sharing, and other features are located on different menus and tabs.
  • Some features are not accessible (e.g. saving reports to your own computer)
  • While other features are enhanced and more helpful (eg. charts, graphs, footer text, etc..)

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