The WPI Plan

Established in 1970, The WPI Plan was a bold experiment in higher education that has propelled our graduates toward meaningful careers as exceptionally competent and confident leaders.  This academic philosophy emphasizes project-based learning, offering experiences that prepare students to make the most of their knowledge, initiative and ideas.  

The WPI Plan

  • WPI’s first Project Center was in Washington, DC.

  • WPI students focus on sustainable community development at our Cape Town Project Center.

  • Historic and heritage preservation are key themes at the WPI Venice Project Center.

  • In our home city of Worcester, our Project Center is active and vital to the community.

  • Project work immerses students in another culture, as at our Bangkok Project Center.

  • Environmental issues are front and center at the Costa Rica Project Center.

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The biggest impact that project work had on me was the confidence level that it gave me to go out and take challenges head-on and have the confidence that I have a good chance of succeeding.

— John Kopchik ’77

These projects really allowed me to see the impact on society that engineering can have. It made it fun, interesting, and relatable and really stimulated my interest in staying with engineering

— Lillian Clark Jeznach ’11