Academic Accommodations are not intended to be one-size-fits-all and are designed to allow flexibility for the professor and student to negotiate the most appropriate way to apply an accommodation to the course, assignment, or project at hand. 

We have provided information here to support you in providing students with disabilities appropriate access to your course. If you are ever unsure of how an accommodation applies to your course, and cannot find the answer here, please refer to the contact information at the top of the student’s Letter of Accommodation to get in touch with appropriate ODS staff.

It is the student’s responsibility to:

  • Disclose their disability by providing a letter of accommodation at the start of the term.
  • Meet with their professor to discuss the details of their functional limitations and learning style. 
  • Follow up with the Office of Disability Services for support in accessing auxiliary accommodations or schedule an exam in the Exam Proctoring Center (EPC)  

It is the professor’s responsibility to:

  • Invite student disclosure by including the below accommodation statement* in their syllabus.
  • To be available to discuss accommodation implementation with individual students.
  • Ensure an accommodation does not impend on the academic integrity of their course while providing appropriate access to the student.
  • Contact appropriate ODS Staff for guidance on balancing access and course integrity when necessary.

An easy way to refer students to the ODS is to include our information in your syllabus. The federal Office of Civil Rights strongly suggests that faculty include a statement in their syllabus that states that accommodations are available for students with disabilities, the correct procedure for receiving the accommodations and that you are willing to provide these accommodations. A recommended example of a syllabus accommodations statement is given below.

Academic Accommodations Syllabus Statement

If you need course adaptations or accommodations because of a disability, or if you have medical information to share with me that may impact your performance or participation in this course, please make an appointment with me as soon as possible.

If you have approved accommodations, please go to the Exam Proctoring Center (EPC) in Morgan Hall to pick up Letters of Accommodation.

If you have not already done so, students with disabilities who need to utilize accommodations in this class are encouraged to contact the Office of Disability Services (ODS) as soon as possible to ensure that such accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion. This office can be contacted via email: DisabilityServices@wpi.edu, via phone: (508) 831-4908, or in person: Daniels Hall First Floor (124 or 137). 

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