Faculty Advising Resources

To assist faculty in their critical role as Academic Advisors, the Committee on Advising and Student Life has compiled the following set of resources. As always, the Office of Academic Advising is happy to answer questions and provide additional support.

  • Tracking Sheets: There is a tracking sheet for each major on campus. Students should use these in planning out their courses – and advisors can find them a great help as well. These are updated every year, so there may be multiple available sheets. The student and faculty member should use the appropriate sheet for when the student entered WPI.
  • HUA Requirement (PDF): The Humanities and Arts Requirement brochure helps students understand the HUA requirement. The brochure provides a clear description of the requirement and examples of different ways to fulfill it.
  • Social Science Requirement (PDF): This will help students understand and make the most of their social science requirement. It provides information on how to pursue a social science minor.
  • Physical Education and Wellness Requirement: All WPI undergraduates must complete four 1/12 credit activities in physical education in order to graduate. Students are encouraged to complete this graduation requirement before their senior year. Students are able to complete these activities through PE classes, club and/or varsity sport participation.
  • Career Outlooks: The CDC provides resources and support to students on major selection, resume/CV writing, internship/co-op and job search strategies, interviewing skills/mock interviews, graduate school assistance, career advising, job offer evaluation and negotiation skills, and more!
  • Project Opportunities: Students frequently need support and advice in identifying their HUA, IQP, and MQP project opportunities and this database provides a listing of available project opportunities.  Note that students wishing to fulfill the IQP at one of WPI’s Global Project Centers must apply by A term of their sophomore year.  
  • Research Opportunities: Students are often interested in participating in a research opportunity during their time at WPI. This website will provide information with how students can explore those opportunities as an undergraduate.  
  • I’m Concerned about a Student: In the course of your meeting with advisees, you may hear some things that cause you to worry about a student. You can use this form to put your concerns before a body of professionals who will further explore the situation and develop a plan to help and support the student and our campus.
  • International Student Support: International House offers a variety of services and advice specific to international students including visas, reduced course loads, work authorization, taxes, etc.
  • Merit Pages Student Achievement Contribution Form: Know a student or students who have accomplished something noteworthy? Share this accomplishment on this form. The information will post to the student’s Merit page that can be shared across the web.