Master of Mathematics for Educators

A Degree Program for the Modern Math Teacher

Designed for middle and high school math teachers seeking an advanced degree or professional licensure, our Master of Mathematics for Educators (MME) will strengthen your content knowledge and provide new and creative ways to inspire in the classroom.

Our program was founded in 1976 and has evolved to fit the needs and challenges faced by teachers. We understand that as a modern math teacher, you must contend with a variety of pressures, from state requirements and standards, to AP exams and new technologies. You must also consider new methods such as group learning, projects, laboratories, and computer-assisted work.

The MME will enhance your mathematical expertise while complementing classroom activities and vocational demands. Through content-rich courses, you will deepen your foundation in areas such as calculus, statistics, discrete math, geometry, and linear algebra. Through creative exercises with real-world relevance, you will explore applications transferable to your classroom—analyze the geometry of your house to reduce your heating bill, or examine the trigonometric function of tuning a piano. You will also discover new learning methodologies and try out technologies such as Maple, Matlab, Geometer's Sketchpad, and anything else that opens new doors.

Massachusetts Licensing

Under current Massachusetts teacher license laws (603 CMR 7.00), teachers are required to have a master's degree with at least 15 of the credits being in their area of instruction and at the graduate level. The MME degree satisfies this and thus leads directly to a Professional License for people holding an Initial License. (It does not take care of the Initial License, however. That is a separate endeavor.)

Schedule & Requirements

To obtain the MME you must complete 30 credit hours, including 11 courses and a 6-credit-hour project. You can take up to two courses per semester, three semesters per year including summer. Courses run Tuesday evenings from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm and from 6:30 pm to 8:30. Currently, the calendar is:

Summer '14: April 29 until July 1
Fall '14 semester: September 2 until Dec 2 (14 meetings)
Winter '15 semester: January 6 until April 14
Summer '15: April 28 until June 30 (MME 529 only, 10 meetings, 3 hours)

The first class in fall of 2014 will be on Tuesday, September 2.  The first class in spring of 2015 will be on Tuesday, January 6. Classes do not meet on weeks when there are public school vacations. Every effort is made to accommodate the varied needs of our students.


We seek to make the transition to graduate work as easy as possible for you. Application to the program is simple and includes an application form, transcript(s), and 3 letters of reference. You do not need to submit GRE scores. You can apply anytime during the year and start during any semester.

We recognize that a program for teachers must be economical, and we offer a 40% discount off of our standard graduate tuition to teachers.


Please feel free to call Dr. John Goulet at +1-508-831-5036 or email to You are also encouraged to visit the campus and talk about the program at any time.

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Our graduates teach at schools throughout the state, including:

Athol High
Doherty High
Shepherd Hill Regional
Shrewsbury High
South and North High
St. John's High
Sullivan Middle School
Wachusett Regional High
Wayland High
Worcester Academy
Worcester East Middle School