Actuarial Sciences

An actuary is a highly specialized professional who combines mathematical skills with sharp business acumen to define, analyze, and solve financial and social problems. Actuaries deal with tangible problems rather than theoretical ones; they must be curious, have sound judgment, and be able to think logically and creatively.

WPI’s Actuarial Sciences program, which applies theoretical knowledge to real-world problems, helps ready students for positions, including a wide range of insurance companies, consulting firms, and government agencies. WPI’s unique project-based education gives actuarial sciences students a head start on their careers by introducing fundamentals in business and economics, as well as preparing them for the first two Society of Actuaries (SoA) examinations.

The curriculum for actuarial sciences students includes specialized mathematics, as well as introductory business and economics courses. In addition to their work on the WPI campus, actuarial students have Interactive and Major Qualifying Projects, which give real-world experience in the actuarial field by having them involved in solving problems faced by professional actuaries. Projects are regularly completed in collaboration with insurance companies, and have in the past been sponsored by Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, John Hancock Mutual Insurance, Premier Insurance, and Travelers Property Casualty.