Modern Languages

Immersion in a Foreign Culture

Learning a language as part of the Modern Languages concentration goes beyond linguistics. Here, the culture behind the language is a major part of the curriculum, meaning it’s a more holistic way of learning Spanish or German. We also offer experimental programs in Arabic and Chinese. And in a multicultural world that transcends boundaries, knowing another language at that level can only be an asset.

Writing is introduced early in the Modern Language sequences in German and Spanish. It accompanies and reinforces students' developing skills in speaking, listening, and reading and their increasing grasp of grammatical and syntax structure. Intermediate courses increasingly emphasize organization and revision in writing assignments. In advanced courses, students write a brief essay every week, with feedback and a chance to revise.

Students wanting to learn the culture and history of their new language while practicing it with native speakers may want to consider our study-abroad opportunities in Germany, Argentina, Morocco, or China.

For more information on specific languages, please contact the following. (Note: All phone extensions start with +1-508-831-.)

Language Contact Extension Email
Arabic W. A. Bland Addison, Jr.  5190
Chinese Jennifer Rudolph  6739
German HUA Department 5246
Spanish Angel Rivera  5932

Inquiry Seminars

Advanced German and Spanish courses satisfying the Inquiry Seminar requirement (as noted in the undergraduate catalog) focus on the language, literature, civilization, and culture of a selected country. These seminars are also excellent preparation for study abroad at one of our Project Centers.

Find out what Inquiry Seminars or Practicums (.pdf, 413kb) will be added this academic year here.