Kristin Boudreau

Assoc Dean, Dept Head, & Prof

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Laboratories 129

Phone: 508-831-4191

My longstanding research interests concern the ways literature reflects on and helps shape cultural transformations. I've written about the literature of slavery, the labor movement, capital cases, and modernization. I also conduct research into engineering education and the role of the humanities in public life. WPI's transdisciplinary and collaborative environment is exciting and inspiring to me. My most recent research projects are collaborations with engineers and other humanists on engineering education. ... View Profile

W.A. Bland Addison

Associate Professor

Co-Director, Morocco Project Center

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 238

Phone: 508-831-5190

I believe it is important for American students to understand the philosophical and intellectual foundations of their way of viewing the world and how those cultural perspectives are different from other peoples of the world. Therefore, I teach a variety of courses about Western and non-Western civilizations: Introduction to European Cultural History (HI1322), Topics in the Western Intellectual Tradition (HI3323), and Topics in Comparative Civilizations (HI3342). ... View Profile

William A. Baller

Assistant Teaching Professor

Administrator of History Research Seminars

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 408C

Phone: 508-831-5145

Scott D Barton

Assistant Professor

Humanities & Arts

Office: Alden Hall 208

Phone: 508-831-5620

I compose, perform, record, mix and produce electroacoustic music; I am interested in how we can use the tools and techniques of audio production to explore new musical territory. I build mechatronic and robotic musical instruments; I am interested in how we can free electronic music from the world of speakers through computer-controlled automatic mechanical instruments. I conduct research and experiments that explore how our cognitive and perceptual processes affect our musical experience; I am interested in how we can use such research to guide our compositional and analytic activities. ... View Profile

Frederick W. Bianchi


Humanities & Arts

Office: AH 205A

Phone: 508-831-5053

Professor Frederick Bianchi works in the area of music technology. As the director of computer music research, Bianchi works with students from all disciplines. His particular focus is Virtual Orchestra technology and multichannel sound design. In addition to overseeing the Media Arts Group Innovation Center (MAGIC), Professor Bianchi is also the director of the Bar Harbor, Maine Project Center. View Profile

Roshanak Bigonah

Senior Instructor/Lecturer

Humanities & Arts

Office: SL 031

Phone: 508-831-6131

Roshanak Bigonah has studied Education and Technology, and Media with concentration in Video Production and Advertising. For the past 13 years, she has taught a wide range of courses in Digital Arts including  Graphic Arts, Web Design,  Photography, Videography and 3D Design. Roshanak Bigonah has worked as a freelance graphic and web designer.  In addition to her teaching interests Roshanak Bigonah, is a poet and has published four poetry books in her native language, Farsi. A collection of her works has been translated and published in Dutch and German. ... View Profile

Esther F. Boucher-Yip

Associate Teaching Professor

Humanities & Arts

Office: SL 109

Esther Boucher-Yip has taught in various capacities in many parts of the world including Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, China, Laos, the United Kingdom, and the United States. She has taught communication skills and writing courses at university level for over a decade. Her teaching approach is informed by her own experience in language learning and with theories of second language acquisition and their pedagogical applications. Both her studies and her experience have taught her that there is no one method or idea that guarantees successful language learning. ... View Profile

Joel J. Brattin


Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 024

Phone: 508-831-5572, 508-831-5246

Born in Michigan in 1956, I graduated from the University of Michigan in 1978, earning my PhD at Stanford University in 1985. I have enjoyed teaching British literature at WPI since 1990. I like the intelligence and good work ethic of WPI students; I especially enjoy the opportunity to meet and interact with students in small groups and on an individual basis. The bulk of my scholarly work falls into three principal areas. ... View Profile

Ulrike Brisson

Associate Teaching Professor of German

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 333

Phone: 508-831-5742

Coming from a family with a long teaching tradition going back at least to her great-grandfather, teaching has always been fundamental to Professor Brisson’s well-being. Being a German professor at WPI in particular has been a great privilege because the students are motivated, hardworking, and eager to learn. She feels that teaching German language and culture is particularly important at an engineering school with a strong focus on environmental technology and sustainability for a number of reasons. ... View Profile

Margaret Brodmerkle

Administrative Assistant V

Humanities & Arts

Phone: 508-831-5246, 508-831-5385

Steven C Bullock


Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 235

Phone: 508-831-5246, 508-831-5482

Constance Clark

Associate Professor

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 408 D

Phone: 508-831-5712

In addition to teaching the history of science and technology, I have at various times in the past raised baby birds at the Bronx Zoo and the Baltimore Aquarium, curated and inventoried mammal skeletons in attics at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, designed biology teaching labs at the University of Colorado, and collected dinosaurs and other fossils while camping in the Wyoming badlands with paleontology field crews. ... View Profile

Jim Cocola

Associate Professor

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 026

Phone: 508-831-5104

In research and in teaching, Jim Cocola focuses on intersections between geography and the humanities, primarily in the field of modern and contemporary American literature and culture. His most recent study examines place making in American poetry and poetics through a comparative, multiethnic, and transnational lens. His newest project reflects on cultural production by Americans and others of Mediterranean descent, looking mainly at literary and visual artifacts. ... View Profile

Mary Cotnoir

Administrative Assistant V

Humanities & Arts

Phone: 508-831-5246

Joseph Cullon

Assistant Teaching Professor

Humanities & Arts

Office: SL 241

Phone: 508-831-5919

One of Professor Cullon’s students recently called him “strangely fascinating.” He knew that he was strange but he was happy to learn that a student founding his approach to teaching fascinating.  He likes to encourage students to see history not as a mass of dead facts but as a vital mode of inquiry and a moral project that has the potential to inform the present as much as illuminate the past. ... View Profile

Jennifer deWinter

Associate Professor

Humanities & Arts

Office: FL B25a

Phone: 508-831-6679

Jennifer deWinter has long been interested in how culture (which is local) moves internationally. She has spent a number of years analyzing anime, comics, and computer games as part of global media flows in order to understand how concepts such as "art," "culture," and "entertainment" are negotiated. In 2003, Professor deWinter joined the Learning Games Initiative, a group of scholars and game designers dedicated to the general study of games and the use of games to teach concepts and skills in particular. ... View Profile

Daniel DiMassa

Post-Doctoral Scholar

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 106

I come to WPI from Philadelphia, where I completed my PhD in German with a dissertation on the reception and appropriation of Dante’s Commedia by German Romantic writers around 1800. The project encompasses my many academic interests, which reside at the intersection of literature, religion, and aesthetics. This particular nexus of fields reflects a motley background that includes international study in Germany, Austria, and Italy, as well as two years in divinity school. ... View Profile

Bethel L. Eddy

Associate Professor

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 223E

Phone: 508-831-6729

Professor Eddy focuses on American pragmatism and American religion in her work. She also enjoys working with students on the moral aspects of the biological sciences. Improving student reading comprehension and writing skills are important to her as a teacher. She enjoys facilitating class discussions on important but controversial questions where the answers are not clear, but the issues remain important ones. View Profile

Michelle Ephraim

Associate Professor

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 237

Phone: 508-831-6129

Michelle Ephraim is the Shakespeare scholar at WPI. She is the author of Reading the Jewish Woman on the Elizabethan Stage (Ashgate, 2008) as well as numerous articles on 16th- and 17th-century literature. Professor Ephraim also teaches writing courses: Short Story, Creative Non-Fiction, and Sci-Fi/Horror/Fantasy. Her essays have appeared in publications such as the Washington Post, McSweeney’s, Lilith, Tikkun, The Morning News, and The Chronicle of Higher Education. ... View Profile

Brenton Faber

Professor of Writing

Humanities & Arts

Office: SL 019

Phone: 508-831-4930

Brenton Faber's work continues to examine discursive forms and actions associated with change. These are concerns of vision and adaptation, resistance and promotion, language and representation. He has studied activities in the financial services sector that compelled bankers to introduce mutual funds, stocks, and bonds to customers historically comfortable with savings and checking accounts; the introduction of new computer systems in contested organizational sites; and the promotion of nanoscience and technology as a new science within residual disciplinary frameworks. ... View Profile

Richard G. Falco

Assistant Teaching Professor

Humanities & Arts

Office: Alden Hall 210

Phone: 508-831-5794, 508-831-5946, 508-754-7319

Richard Falco is Director of Jazz Studies and conducts the WPI Stage Band, Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Workshop. In addition to his classroom teaching, Professor Falco offers students unique project work on the Jazz History Database (, an on line jazz preservation project he founded in 1999 and continues to direct. View Profile

Roger S. Gottlieb


Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 04

Phone: 508-831-5439, 508-831-5246, 508-831-5385

Roger S. Gottlieb, professor of philosophy, is the author or editor of twenty books and more than 100 articles on environmentalism, religious studies, contemporary spirituality, political philosophy, ethics, the Holocaust, feminism, and disability. He is internationally known for his work as a leading analyst and exponent of religious environmentalism, for his passionate and moving account of spirituality in an age of environmental crisis, and for his innovative and humane description of the role of religion in a democratic society. ... View Profile

Margarita Halpine

Assistant Teaching Professor

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 013

Phone: 508-831-6132

One of the greatest pleasures of teaching at WPI is the contrast between the main technical focus of my students and my background in the humanities. This contrast allows me to learn a lot outside of my own discipline, and my students find the change from a technical to a humanistic class theme particularly engaging. I have the preparation to teach all levels of Spanish language and culture. This is aided by the experience of studying at least six languages, including Ancient Greek, Latin, Spanish, French, and Italian. ... View Profile

James P. Hanlan


Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 028

Phone: 508-831-5438, 508-831-5246, 508-831-5385

James Hanlan teaches courses in American urban history, American labor history, and the American History survey sequence. His book-length publications include a study of 19th-century textile workers in Manchester, NH; a two-volume encyclopedia of American labor history; and a study of a 20th-century printing firm. Professor Hanlan serves as executive secretary of the New England Historical Association, a professional society with approximately 700 members. ... View Profile

Peter H. Hansen


Director of International and Global Studies

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 107

Phone: 508-831-5481

Peter H. Hansen is Professor of History and Director of International and Global Studies at WPI. In this role, his administrative responsibilities include enhancing the curricular and academic components of WPI’s global projects, exploring new partnerships, and advising students in global programs. International and Global Studies brings together faculty from history, foreign languages, humanities, social sciences, business, and interdisciplinary studies. Courses on campus enrich the experience of students before, during, and after their international educational experiences. ... View Profile

Joshua Harmon

Assistant Teaching Professor

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 022

Joshua Harmon is the author of the essay collection The Annotated Mixtape, the short fiction collection History of Cold Seasons, the novel Quinnehtukqut, and the poetry collections Le Spleen de Poughkeepsie and Scape. His fiction, nonfiction, and poetry have appeared widely in periodicals. He is currently working on a novel, a collection of poems, and a book-length essay on cultural iterations of fantasy c. 1977. At WPI, he has taught courses in creative writing and American literature. View Profile

Karen Hassett

Administrative Assistant VI

Humanities & Arts

Phone: 508-831-5883

Marie T Keller

Assistant Teaching Professor

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 031

Phone: 508-831-5436

WPI provides opportunities to investigate worlds beyond your major, and one of those worlds might be art. It might seem an alien world, but many art skills can be useful beyond making art. Drawing enhances spatial perception. Solving design problems hones communication skills. Dreaming up impossible ideas can illuminate what is possible.Sometimes students show up the first day of my course worried that they lack talent or experience. Instead, I recommend committing to practice the skills presented in class, as if approaching music or engineering studies. ... View Profile

Kent P. Ljungquist

Adjunct Teaching Professor

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 223D

Phone: 508-831-5383

In his John Caldwell Lecture in the Humanities delivered to the North Carolina Humanities Council, Richard H. ... View Profile

Aarti Smith Madan

Assistant Professor

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 003

Phone: 508-831-6587

Aarti Smith Madan is an Assistant Professor of Spanish & International Studies in the Department of Humanities and Arts at WPI. Her research centers on the ways spatial practices inform the production and consumption of literature, film, and art in Latin America. In her first book, Lines of Geography in Latin American Narrative: National Territory, National Literature (under contract, Palgrave Macmillan), Professor Madan unearths the literary roots of the discipline of geography in nineteenth-century Latin America. ... View Profile

Ryan Smith Madan

Assistant Teaching Professor

Director, Writing Center

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 002

Phone: 508-831-6561

When new acquaintances find out I teach writing, it’s not unusual for them to lament a broad decline in the nation’s writing skills. How does it make me feel, they ask, that students, say, don’t know the difference between adjectives and adverbs? Or, can I believe it that people hardly even know what apostrophes do, let alone where to put them? As someone who treasures good, careful prose, I’m sympathetic to these worries. But as an educator, I think it’s important to steer the conversation in a different direction. ... View Profile

V.J. Manzo

Assistant Professor

Humanities & Arts

Office: AH 209

V.J. Manzo (PhD Temple University, M.M. New York University) is Assistant Professor of Music Technology and Cognition at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). He is a composer and guitarist with research interests in theory and composition, artificial intelligence, interactive music systems, and music cognition. V.J. is author of several books published by Oxford University Press including Max/MSP/Jitter for Music, Foundations of Music Technology, and co-author of Interactive Composition and Environmental Sound Artists. ... View Profile

Ingrid E. Matos-Nin

Assoc. Teaching Prof.

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 05

Phone: 508-831-5356

Jennifer McWeeny

Associate Professor

Humanities & Arts

Office: SL 330

Phone: 508-831-5215

Jennifer McWeeny is Associate Professor of Philosophy in the Humanities and Arts Department. Her training in philosophy is pluralistic in nature, engaging work from a variety of schools and traditions including Continental philosophy, analytic philosophy, feminist philosophy, pragmatism, and Asian and comparative philosophies. ... View Profile

Wesley T. Mott


Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 236

Phone: 508-831-5441, 508-831-5246, 508-831-5385

Wes Mott has published several books on 19th-century American literature--especially New England Transcendentalism--including a variety of reference books. Author of "The Strains of Eloquence": Emerson and His Sermons (Penn State, 1989), he edited Volume 4 in The Complete Sermons of Ralph Waldo Emerson (Missouri, 1992) and Bonds of Affection: Thoreau on Dogs and Cats (Massachusetts, 2005). His Ralph Waldo Emerson in Context (Cambridge University Press, 2014) gathers 32 new, wide-ranging essays by leading international scholars to reassess Emerson's life, writings, and reputation. ... View Profile

Svetlana Nikitina

Assoc. Teaching Professor

Humanities & Arts

Office: SL 022

Phone: 508-831-5939

Geoffrey Pfeifer

Asst. Teaching Professor

Humanities and Arts

Office: SL 327b

Professor Pfeifer’s research focus in philosophy is on contemporary continental philosophy, social and political philosophy, global justice, and development ethics. He teaches philosophy courses, international studies courses, and for the Great Problems Seminars program. View Profile

Angel A. Rivera

Associate Professor

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 016

Phone: 508-831-5779

Professor Rivera has been conducting research on 19th- and 20th-century Spanish Caribbean literature and theories related to the exploration of limits or borders (i.e., the edges or places where multiple cultures touch or come into contact). He has been exploring how Caribbean traditional modes of representation have been restructured to significant changes in cultural, literary, and historical contexts. ... View Profile

Thomas B. Robertson

Associate Professor

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 234

Phone: 508-831-5871

(ON LEAVE 2016-2017 US Agency for International Development). I specialize in environmental history, international development, 20th-century America, and the Himalayas. I am particularly interested in American relations with the developing world. My first book, The Malthusian Moment, focuses on post-World War II American debates about population growth, both at home and globally. My current research examines the environmental history of U.S. ... View Profile

Joshua Rosenstock

Associate Professor

Humanities & Arts

Office: SL 208

Born to an artist mother and a musician father, Josh was destined from a young age for a life in the arts. An early interest in black and white darkroom photography and art-house cinema led him to study film and video art at Brown University. Fortuitously stumbling on a new course in multimedia art in his last term as an undergraduate, his zeal for digital media was unleashed. The next formative episode in Josh's career found him designing interactive exhibits, such as the claymation studio at Zeum, a hands-on, multimedia arts and technology museum for kids in San Francisco. ... View Profile

Jennifer Rudolph

Associate Professor

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 408B

Phone: 508-831-6739

Jennifer Rudolph's main area of research is modern Chinese political history.  While her first book dissects institutional change in late imperial China, in her second, she explores identity politics in the Taiwan Strait. In it, Rudolph explores co-optations of a 17th-century pirate-merchant Zheng Chenggong. Through the centuries, Zheng has lived on, with regimes ruling, or desirous of ruling, Taiwan portraying him as a traitor, Confucian god, Chinese nationalist, Japanese nationalist, and the Moses of Taiwan. ... View Profile

M. David Samson

Associate Professor

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 014

Phone: 508-831-5246, 508-831-5385, 508-831-5370

Professor Samson teaches art history, and his scholarship is in the history of architecture, especially the modern period. He studies and explains the moments of transition when styles change, and the spread of avant-garde creations into general currency. He is also interested in the history of industrial design, and enjoys introducing his students to it, revealing the complex background of forms and ideas behind common household objects. His architectural history courses explore both the left- and right-brain aspects of built form. ... View Profile

John Sanbonmatsu

Associate Professor

Humanities & Arts

Office: SL 023

Phone: 508-831-5226

John Sanbonmatsu is interested in critical theory, including theories of social change, and political philosophy. View Profile

Lance E. Schachterle


Co-Director, Liberal Arts & Engineering

Humanities & Arts

Office: SL 027

Phone: 508-831-5514, 508-831-5404

Lance Schachterle enjoys the excitement of the classroom--meeting new students each term, sharing ideas about works of literature that matter, and learning to communicate more effectively. He teaches courses at the 1000 and 2000 levels, mostly in modern literature, but also really likes interdisciplinary courses that involve science. WPI students work harder than most, and students pursuing their minor in literature often really get intellectually and emotionally involved in what they are studying. ... View Profile

Eunmi Shim

Associate Professor

Humanities & Arts

Office: Alden Hall 211

Phone: 508-831-5695

Musicologist and pianist Eunmi Shim is the award-winning author of Lennie Tristano: His Life in Music (University of Michigan Press, 2007) which received the Association for Recorded Sound Collections Award for Excellence in Historical Recorded Sound Research in Recorded Jazz and the Bronze Prize for the Independent Publisher Book Award in Performing Arts. Professor Shim is also a contributor to The Grove Dictionary of American Music. Professor Shim has taught a wide variety of courses at WPI, including music history, music theory, world music, and inquiry seminars. ... View Profile

Ruth L. Smith

Associate Professor

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 108

Phone: 508-831-5214, 508-831-5246, 508-831-5385

Ruth Smith works in the Philosophy and Religion group in the Humanities and Arts Department at WPI, and is also affiliated with Rhetoric and Writing programs. Interests in linguistics have shaped her attention to moral theories and practices as questions of grammar, taken as how we make ways around in the stream of life, yes, fragments of Ludwig Wittgenstein and Simone Weil. Smith’s courses include Questions of Evil and Good, Rhetorical Theory, and Religions of the East. ... View Profile

David I. Spanagel

Associate Professor

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 239

Phone: 508-831-6403

The history of science is a well recognized branch of inquiry about the past that concerns itself with interesting and significant questions about humans and their knowledge and beliefs about nature over the past few thousand years. As such, the history of science is neither a branch of science nor a simplified form of “history for scientists.” Instead, historians of science use the tools and methods of historical questioning and analysis to examine details about past scientific ideas and practices that their colleagues and predecessors have worked long and hard to uncover and document. ... View Profile

Susan Vick

Prof Drama/Theatr & Dir Theatr

Director of Theatre

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 017

Phone: 508-831-5682, 508-831-5246, 508-831-6407

Susan Vick, professor of Drama/Theatre and director of theatre, directs the academic theatre programs at WPI, including artistic leadership of major productions and projects performed in the Little Theatre. Vick works as the executive dramaturg and founder for New Voices, an annual festival of original plays now in its 35th year and the longest-running collegiate new play festival. ... View Profile

Douglas G. Weeks

Teaching Professor

Associate Department Head
Coordinator of Music

Humanities & Arts

Office: Alden Hall 212

Phone: 508-831-5696, 508-831-5946, 508-831-5385, 508-831-5246

Douglas Weeks is the administrator of music at WPI and in that capacity coordinates music activities and classes. In addition, he directs the WPI Orchestra, Concert Band, and Brass Ensemble. These ensembles perform at a high level, presenting numerous concerts on campus during the year. They have also performed frequently overseas, most recently on a concert tour in Prague and Berlin in March 2012. Professor Weeks’ own background is in performance and education, with degrees in both areas from several colleges including a doctorate from Boston University. ... View Profile

Xin Xin


Associate Director of China Hub

Humanities & Arts

Office: SL 241

Xin has taught all levels of Chinese in China, Japan, and the United States. She joined WPI in 2011 when the Chinese program was just established. She truly enjoys teaching Chinese language and culture and motivating her students to succeed. She believes that passion is very important for students in the process of foreign language learning. ... View Profile

Huili Zheng

Visiting Assistant Professor

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 08A

Phone: 508-831-6739, 508-831-2308

Associated Faculty

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Blumhofer, Jonathan jblumhofer 5140 Alden Hall 215 Adjunct Instructor
Brahimi, Mohamed mbrahimi 2308 Salisbury Laboratories 114 Adjunct Instructor
Buono, Paul S. psbuono 5140 Alden Memorial 215 Adjunct Instructor
Canavan, Lynne lcanavan     Adjunct Instructor/Lecturer
Ciaraldi, Michael ciaraldi 5117 Fuller Laboratories 129 Adjunct Instructor
Dempsey, James jdempsey 5513 Salisbury Laboratories 035 Instructor
Foley, Daniel dfoley     Instructor/Lecturer
Forgeng, Jeffrey L. jforgeng 5442 Salisbury Laboratories 08 Adjunct Teaching Professor
Galante, John jsgalante 5871 Salisbury Laboratories 234 Assistant Teaching Professor
Girelli, Alan agirelli 5503 Salisbury Laboratories 020 Adjunct Teaching Professor
Hatch Moysey, Monica monicahatch 5140 Alden Memorial 215 Adjunct Instructor
Johnson, Lukas ljohnson2 5053 Alden Memorial 208 Adjunct Instructor
Kirby, Paul E. pkirby   Salisbury Laboratories 114 Adjunct Instructor
Li, Haihong hli3 6587 Salisbury Laboratories 03 Adjunct Instructor/Lecturer
McCarthy, Barbara L. rnjoroge 5939 Salisbury Laboratories 035 Adjunct Instructor
McCarthy, Eugene genemccarthy 5436 Salisbury Laboratories Adjunct Teaching Professor
McGill, Samantha sgmcgill     Adjunct Instructor/Lecturer
Montross, Constance cmmontross 5513 Salisbury Laboratoires 035 Adjunct Instructor
Policelli, Joseph R. jrp 5140 Alden Memorial 215 Adjunct Instructor
Reinhardt, Jo Ellen jreinhardt 5436 Salisbury Laboratories 114 Adjunct Instructor
Rohde, Joshua jwrohde 5051 First Baptist Church 

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Runstrom, Scott P. runstrom 5436 Salisbury Laboratories 114 Adjunct Instructor
Russell, Paul parussell 5436 Salisbury Laboratories Adjunct Teaching Professor
Shaker, Thomas tmshaker   Alden Hall Adjunct Instructor
Vaudreuil, Alan anvaudreuil 5140 Alden Memorial 215 Adjunct Instructor
Warren, Maria C. mcwarren 6132 Salisbury Laboratories 013 Adjunct Instructor
Watters, James E. jed 5388 Salisbury Laboratories 035 Adjunct Instructor
Welu, James jawelu 5388 Salisbury Laboratories 035 Adjunct Teaching Professor

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Curran, Louis J.       Professor Emeritus of Music
Dollenmayer, David B. dbd     Professor Emeritus of German
Fontanella, Lee lf     Professor Emeritus of Spanish
Hayes, Edmund M. ehayes     Professor Emeritus of English
Heventhal, Charles R. crh     Professor Emeritus of English
Manfra, JoAnn jmanfra     Professor Emeritus of History
McKay, David P.       Professor Emeritus of Music
Menides, Laura J. lmenides     Professor Emeritus of English
Parkinson, E. Malcolm emp     Professor Emeritus of History
Shannon, Thomas A. tshannon     Professor Emeritus of Religion
Sokal, Michael M. msokal     Professor Emeritus of History