Academic Programs

The China Hub at WPI is committed to providing instruction of the Chinese language; imparting knowledge of Chinese history, literature, arts and other aspects of Chinese culture; and promoting mutual understanding between the United States and China among our students.

The China Track is offered through the Department of Humanities and Arts (HUA) with the following options:  

  • Chinese Language Course Path offers eight courses from Elementary Chinese I to Advanced Intermediate Chinese I
  • Chinese Studies Course Path offers the courses on China-related History, Chinese Language, Philosophy, Literature, or Music
  • Chinese Studies Minor offers students the opportunity to extend their study of China and the Chinese Language beyond the HUA Requirement. This minor would include intermediate language proficiency or above, and content courses on Chinese history, philosophy, environment, and society and culture.  
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Joint Degree Agreements with Chinese Universities

WPI and Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT), one of the national key universities in China, agreed to enter the “3+1+1 Early Entry Master’s Program Agreement” in early 2015, and the Memorandum of Understanding was officially signed by the presidents of the two universities during President Leshin’s visit to Beijing in early March 2015. Under this cooperative program, undergraduate students from BUCT, after completing three years of study at BUCT, may gain entry to a master’s degree program at WPI prior to completing a bachelor’s degree at BUCT if the program-related admission.

A Global Education at Home

As part of our international outlook and efforts to prepare students for a globalized world, WPI offers meaningful academic opportunities for students to engage with Chinese language and culture through a minor in Chinese studies, a China concentration or as a path to fulfilling humanities and arts requirements.

Finding Harmony in Music & Asian Studies

Katelyn Krajenka ’11 came to WPI to pursue her passion for music. She soon discovered she could also nurture a longstanding interest in Asia. 

China Modules for STEM

WPI incorporates China-related case study modules into its STEM and Business curriculum to bring China to campus and to broaden perspectives through comparative analysis. Modules demonstrate the importance of societal and political context in real-life STEM and Business issues and help foster global analysis of issues.

An Engaged Community

Chinese culture places a strong emphasis on a world-class education, and it is therefore no surprise that WPI is increasingly becoming a school of choice for students from China. As of 2013, WPI has a class of more than 500 graduate and nearly 200 undergraduate Chinese students, with applications from both more than tripling over the last five years.

Chinese students are also making their mark on WPI by sharing their culture with the broader community through student organizations and events.

  • The Chinese Student Association offers support to incoming students and promotes Chinese culture and customs through exciting events like the annual Dragon Night and hot pot dinner.
  • The Chinese Student and Scholar Association provides services for Chinese graduate students and scholars, and promotes cultural communications and activities on campus.