Social Science & Policy Studies

Reconciling Technology and Culture to Move Society Forward

From examining the behavior of the individual to analyzing the direction of society at large, social science plays a critical role in the advancement of our culture. By understanding why humans do what they do, social scientists—employed in a variety of governmental, industry, and nonprofit organizations—are able to design and implement effective public and corporate policies and regulations.

WPI’s Social Science & Policy Studies (SSPS) department puts state-of-the-art tools and practices to work conducting dedicated research on social, economic, educational, and environmental topics—often addressing social problems that lie at the intersection of society and technology.

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‘New Mode of Learning’ Takes Tutoring to a New Level

Professor Janice Gobert discusses intelligent tutoring systems that can assess and adaptively react to students in real time.

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Inspiring Experience

All WPI undergraduates pass through Social Science & Policy Studies on their way to their bachelor’s degree. This exposure inspires many to pursue further study within the program.  

...(E)ducated people who understand...the laws of man and economics and finance and politics and democracy are an incredibly small minority on this planet, and they have a huge advantage in the leverage and the control they have over the world's physical and political environment.

Dean Kamen