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SSPS graduate students—whether in our Science & Technology for Innovation in Global Development, System Dynamics & Systems Thinking, or Learning Sciences & Technologies (LS&T) programs—are at the cutting edge of research, innovation, and problem solving for driving positive societal change. With impact areas in economics, sustainable development, psychology, and so much more, cultivate your passions with the SSPS graduate experience. 

Graduate Highlights

WPI faculty meeting the Okyenhene (the King of Akyem Abuakwa) in Kyebi, Ghana.
WPI faculty meeting the Okyenhene (the King of Akyem Abuakwa) in Kyebi, Ghana.
Rob Krueger shaking hands
Professor Robert Krueger and Dr. Eugene Owusu, Special Advisor to the President of the Republic of Ghana on the Sustainable Development Goals, in Accra, Ghana, after discussing their new partnership.
SSPS presentation
WPI hosts 1st Annual Conference on Rethinking Development Engineering at Academic City University College in Accra, Ghana.

Our System Dynamics MS and System Dynamamics Certificate programs are currently undergoing revisions, and we will not be accepting students into these programs at this time. 

The SSPS 5-Year Bachelor’s/Master’s Plan

Ready to start working towards your SSPS Master’s degree as a WPI undergraduate? Through WPI’s 5-Year Bachelor’s/Master’s Plan, our students can earn their SSPS Bachelor's and Master's degrees together.

SSPS Graduate Curriculum

Ready to plan your SSPS graduate experience? See our graduate course offerings

Credit Conversion: As a graduate, you can also take certain 7-week 4000-level undergraduate courses in SSPS to count towards your degree. See WPI’s policies on credit conversion for more details.  

Independent Studies: Graduate students are also welcome to satisfy their degree requirements through independent studies (ISUs) taken with SSPS faculty members. For questions about ISUs, reach out to your advisor or the Registrar’s Office

Ready to Apply?

See WPI’s graduate admissions page for more information. Reach out to Robert Krueger with any graduate admissions questions!