Faculty Research

The best word to describe the research conducted by the SSPS Department is diverse. When seeking solutions for a broad range of societal challenges—from economic recession to underperforming schools to international conflict and beyond—SSPS researchers take an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving, while staying focused on society and technology and observing how they coexist.


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Crystal Brown

Human Capital to Access the Labor Market in Sweden

Institutionalized bias is often linked to race, gender, sexuality, and religion; however, policymakers must also consider the intersection of the country of origin, human capital, and socioeconomic status as a factor in bias. Immigrants from non-OECD countries who do not have a middle-class background encounter more rigorous integration requirements in cultural knowledge tests, language training, and educational obtainment in Sweden compared to other OECD immigrants. This study examines how policies perpetually keep non-OECD immigrants unemployed or underemployed longer than other immigrant groups.

Stacy Shaw

Understanding "Aha!" Moments in Mathematics

When students experience an "aha" or eureka moment in mathematics, they often feel sudden, unexpected, and energizing to students. These moments are believed to signal deeper learning and processing of mathematics, but the conditions which facilitate these moments are still not fully understood. In this broad line of work, Prof. Stacy Shaw studies everyday "aha" moments students experience in math and work to identify ways in which educators can structure learning materials and classroom practices to foster more of these moments for students.