Psychological Science

Empowering the Human Side of Science to Advance Society

Today, success is often the result of having a basic grasp of the factors that predict thoughts and behaviors. Where psychology is the study of human thought and behavior, it follows that an understanding of psychology can help people work together and become successful in their careers.

Students in WPI’s Psychological Science program examine the mind from various viewpoints, with emphasis on applying scientific methodologies and concepts to their own experience. They uniquely have the opportunity to take part in empirical research as a participant or as a research assistant with a faculty mentor.

Psychological Science is an excellent choice as a stand-alone major, second major, or minor. Graduates go on to rewarding careers in marketing, engineering, and a variety of civil and nonprofit leadership positions. They may also pursue advanced degrees; many are currently enrolled in PhD programs in genetic counseling, social psychology, and more.

Why Psychology at WPI?

Why Psychology at WPI?

This video shows how WPI’s psychology program can be customized to match your individual needs and objectives. Learn about our research-first approach and the importance of hands-on experience. View video...

The faculty in the Psychological Science program are actively involved in different types of research. Contact a faculty member today if you are interested in their research.

Professor James Doyle studies:

  • Mental Models
  • Judgment and Decision Making
  • Survey Methodology

Professor Jeanine Skorinko studies:

  • Perspective Taking
  • Social Tuning
  • Stereotyping and Discrimination

Professor Melissa-Sue John studies:

  • Cultural, Racial, and National Identity
  • Stereotyping & Discrimination
  • Intergroup Relations

Professor Janice Gobert studies:

  • Science learning with interactive simulations
  • Intelligent Tutoring Systems
  • Learning and Assessment