Applying to WPI

We are thrilled that you are considering applying to WPI. As you'll see from our admitted student profile, admission to WPI is selective and competitive. We have high standards for applicants, but we look for more than just outstanding academic performance. There are two sides to the admissions coin at WPI. One is the data-driven side. To get in, you have to fill out a few forms and get us lots of information that will help us figure out if you've met the basic requirements for admission.

Then there's that other side, the one that's a little harder to paint in black and white. If you've read the preceding pages, you know our approach to education is a little different from what you'll find at other schools. And, frankly, it's probably not for everyone. That's why we take care to make sure to admit students who we know will thrive here. Who are they? They tend to be students who

  • are creative and curious.
  • like to work in teams to get things done.
  • are comfortable making their own decisions and setting their own course.
  • love math and science, but feel just as passionate about other things, too, like music, art or movies.
  • have a pretty good idea they'll be leaders, not followers.
  • can't wait to do things that will make the world better.


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Admitted Student Profile

  • Average GPA 3.86
  • Average class rank in top 9 percent
  • SAT range (middle 50%)
    • CR/WR & MA: 1250–1440
    • CR, MA, & WR: 1840–2130
  • ACT range (middle 50%): 27–32
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