At WPI, faculty members and students are engaged in cutting-edge research across a broad range of disciplines. Research at WPI has a decidedly applied focus, with work focused on problems that are interesting and important. The result is new knowledge, new innovations, and technological advances that attack some of the major challenges of our time. More often than not, these pressing issues require insight from multiple fields, making WPI’s historic strength in interdisciplinary research and education an important advantage.

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Recycling Metals and Saving the World

WPI researchers are bringing sustainability to metals processing by developing lighter, energy-saving alloys and novel, greener ways to reuse metals.

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Tanja Dominko  

Faculty Profile

Name: Tanja Dominko, PhD
Title: Associate Professor
Department: Biology and Biotechnology

With one of the first NIH EUREKA Awards, Dominko is exploring ways to turn adult skin cells into stem-like cells to replace tissue lost to injury or degenerative diseases.
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“ If we are successful, this study will produce a significant breakthrough that could establish the basis for a practical and safe technology for cell therapy. ”

Tanja Dominko, PhD

Tanja Dominko, associate professor of biology and biotechnology, has been working for several years on a federally funded research program exploring new ways to help people regenerate tissue--perhaps even digits and limbs.

She is currently principal investigator on a project aimed at developing a novel way of transforming adult skin cells into stem-like cells. Funded by a three-year, $900,000 EUREKA award from the National Institutes of Health, the research could result in a relatively simple and straightforward method for replacing tissue lost to injury, for growing new organs, and for curing degenerative diseases like diabetes and Parkinson’s.

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