Corporate Partnerships

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The Office of Corporate Partnerships fuels the WPI innovation engine through the cultivation of support for projects, sponsorships, and research, as well as fellowships and scholarships. If you are an industry partner, visit our Employers & Partners page to learn more.

WPI faculty and students: Learn more about the resources available to you and how we can help by sending us an email.


The WPI Seaport Office closed on February 1, 2024. WPI remains committed to building partnerships and collaborations with Boston-based industry, state leaders, non-profits, and NGOs. We also continue to engage with Boston-area alumni and friends and will conduct project center work in the city. If you have questions, please send a note to


"The Office of Corporate Partnerships has been a true trusted partner in the full end-to-end process of guiding, coaching, securing, legal reviewing, and signing industry leaders to do projects at WPI.  The Fintech project center has 10 industry MQP projects planned for the next B-Term and this would not have been possible without their great collaboration, leadership, follow through, and diligence."


—Rob Sarnie, Professor of Practice, The Business School


What resources can partnerships provide?


List of Corporate-sponsored Project Master Agreements

The Office of Corporate Partnerships facilitates the sponsored project agreement process with corporate partners and maintains records of all master agreements. Please contact our office to help you navigate the sponsored project agreement process or to inquire about the status of an agreement with a current or potential project sponsor.

Guidance on pricing and outreach for centers, conferences, and collaborative events

As members of the External Relations team, our staff has a high level of experience working with internal and external stakeholders on sponsorships, centers, and collaborative conferences and events. We are ready to help your team navigate negotiations, collaborations, and sponsorships for centers, conferences, and events engaging internal and external partners.  

Coaching on successful corporate outreach strategies

Corporate partnerships are complex and multifaceted. Connect with a corporate partnerships expert to help your team identify key goals, stakeholders, and opportunities.  


Learn about internships and co-ops

WPI’s Career Development Center (CDC) offers extensive career services to help undergraduate students, graduate students, and alumni identify and achieve their career goals. The CDC also works closely with employers and corporate partners, more than 400 of whom recruit on campus each year, to help them find WPI students for full-time, part-time, summer internship, or co-op positions. Connect with their team at to learn more.

Converting an internship or co-op into to a sponsored MQP (we have thoughts!)

Our team works hand-in-hand with corporate sponsors, faculty, and students to deliver valuable academic and corporate experiences. We are engaged with corporate sponsored projects from start to finish and have valuable insights into best practices for converting an internship into a sponsored MQP or GQP. Connect with our team to get started.

Utilizing ISP credit for corporate projects

Working with a corporate sponsor for ISP credit is a great way to layer work done during your IQP, MQP, or GQP and dive deeper into the problem. Contact our team to help you navigate your corporate sponsored project journey at WPI. 

Consulting on club and organization sponsorship programs and outreach

Our team is here to help your club or organization identify key sponsorship goals, potential stakeholders, and important areas of opportunity. Connect with us to learn more. 





Student Project - NFL Partnership

computer football player

Predicting NFL Player Performance

Students analyzed whether data collected during the league’s main scouting event could accurately predict how wide receivers performed during real games