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The Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) at WPI identifies, evaluates, values, protects, classifies, markets, and licenses the intellectual property assets developed by WPI researchers and other significant users of WPI resources. The office maintains close working relationships with faculty and staff researchers, manages the patented technologies database, and facilitates the transfer of WPI-owned intellectual property.

WPI researchers collaborate across disciplines on state-of the-art solutions to critical industrial, medical, and environmental problems. The resulting commercial relevance of their ideas is one of the ways we measure success in our research programs. Our resources help them maximize their marketability and market potential.

The OTC works closely with the Tech Advisors Network to help inventors market their idea or invention. Additionally, the OTC acts as the point of contact for faculty expertise, and partners with the Office of Sponsored Programs to negotiate intellectual property conditions in sponsored research agreements.

WPI technologies and active patents that are available to license are posted on In-Part.  Search available technologies.

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A Novel Way to Recycle Lithium-ion Batteries

WPI Professor Yan Wang has invented a way to recycle old lithium-ion batteries and keep them out of landfills. An entrepreneur, Wang also co-founded Ascend Elements to commercialize his recycling process. Wang and his lab continue to show that recycled battery materials can outperform new materials, which will lead to a more sustainable battery industry.

WPI Commercialization Fund

The OTC has resources to provide early investments in promising technologies and ventures, including the Accelerate WPI program. The WPI Commercialization Fund can provide investments of up to $50,000 into ideas with a clear commercial pathway, and is open to faculty, students, or alumni. To see the Operating Principles of the Commercialization Fund, click here.

National Academy of Inventors — WPI Chapter

The WPI chapter of the National Academy of Inventors honors academic invention, recognizes and encourages inventors, and enhances the visibility of WPI research and innovation. To apply, students must have applied for at least a provisional patent while an undergraduate; faculty must have an issued patent; and alumni must have an issued patent, either as an individual or through an employer.

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Sustainability of the Built Environment

Researchers seek solutions for a source of 40 percent of carbon emissions worldwide—human-made infrastructure.