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Meet our WPI experts and senior administrators who are leaders in a wide range of fields, and are available to offer ideas, opinions, analysis, and commentary. From issues facing higher education to current events, trending topics, and breaking news, our WPI profiles contain detailed information to help members of the media find the most appropriate person for their needs. 

Renewable fuels experts

Renewable fuels continue to take on even greater importance, as the effects of climate change increase, and the war in Ukraine has sent oil and gas prices skyrocketing. Our experts can discuss the main alternative fuels, from biomass fuels, to hydrogen, and electric power, and the cutting-edge research that’s found some surprising sources to help vehicles use green technology and keep costs down.

Ukraine crisis experts

Russia’s war on Ukraine has created a humanitarian crisis, forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee, and put the entire world on edge. WPI experts are available to discuss the war from the perspectives of life on the ground in Ukraine, international relations, and governmental policy.

Metaverse experts

As Facebook rebrands itself as Meta, the Metaverse has taken center stage in the tech world, but exactly what is the Metaverse? WPI experts can talk about what the Metaverse will actually look like, how it could be the future of work, and why in some ways, we’re already living in it.

Supply chain experts

The supply chain crunch is affecting nearly every aspect of the economy. WPI experts can discuss why some of your favorite products are disappearing from store shelves, how small businesses are weathering the crisis compared to the big box stores and e-commerce giants, and why the prices consumers pay will likely keep rising.

5G Expansion Experts

The expansion of 5G technology is likely to bring changes to the devices in your home, your office, the nation’s airlines, and of course, your phone. WPI 5G experts can discuss the technical and economic factors around the rollout of 5G, as well as how the technology will usher in a new era of connectivity and help IoT products flourish.

For media inquiries please contact:

Colleen B Wamback Associate Director, Public Relations

Colleen B Wamback
Director of Public Relations

Jack Levy Senior Public Relations Manager

Jack Levy
Senior Public Relations Manager

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