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Meet our WPI experts and senior administrators who are leaders in a wide range of fields, and are available to offer ideas, opinions, analysis, and commentary. From issues facing higher education to current events, trending topics, and breaking news, our WPI profiles contain detailed information to help members of the media find the most appropriate person for their needs. 

Space flight experts

We are going back to the moon, and NASA is leading the way with the Artemis I mission. Initially an uncrewed, 1.3 million-mile flight test, the massive effort will pave the way for a long-term human presence on the lunar surface and possibly beyond. WPI experts on space flight and aeronautical engineering are available to discuss spacecraft mission analysis, “cubesats” or nanosatellites, thermodynamics, and spacecraft propulsion.

Blockchain experts

Blockchain – it’s a word we’ve been hearing a lot lately, but what is it exactly? Our experts on blockchain technology are available to talk about how blockchain technology works and the possibilities for blockchain capabilities. They can also discuss why its applications go well beyond cryptocurrency, blockchain’s relationship to financial technology, or Fintech, as well as supply chain management, and cybersecurity.

Autonomous vehicles experts

From the ground to the skies, autonomous vehicles have captured imaginations for decades as the technology of the future. Now, that future is here. WPI experts are available to speak about the roles autonomous vehicles can play in tasks ranging from package deliveries, to search and rescue missions, and how teams of robots communicate with each other and learn, here on earth and in space.

Renewable fuels experts

Renewable fuels continue to take on even greater importance, as the effects of climate change increase, and the war in Ukraine has sent oil and gas prices skyrocketing. Our experts can discuss the main alternative fuels, from biomass fuels, to hydrogen, and electric power, and the cutting-edge research that’s found some surprising sources to help vehicles use green technology and keep costs down.

5G Expansion Experts

The expansion of 5G technology is likely to bring changes to the devices in your home, your office, the nation’s airlines, and of course, your phone. WPI 5G experts can discuss the technical and economic factors around the rollout of 5G, as well as how the technology will usher in a new era of connectivity and help IoT products flourish.

Project-based learning experts

A project-based curriculum is built around project work, where students—guided, rather than directed, by faculty—gain responsibility for their own learning by tackling tangible, open-ended problems faced by real people. Since 1970, project-based learning has been the core of WPI’s undergraduate curriculum, featuring integrative project work across four years, both in the major and in general education, in classrooms and around the globe at 50+ project centers. WPI’s PBL experts represent diverse disciplines and experience in all facets of project work—in the first year, community settings, interdisciplinary teams, capstone research, and more.

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Colleen B Wamback
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