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Meet our WPI faculty experts and senior administrators who are leaders in a wide range of fields, and are available to offer ideas, opinions, analysis and commentary. From issues facing higher education, to current events, trending topics and breaking news, our WPI expert profiles contain detailed information to help members of the media find the most appropriate person for their needs. 

[Trending Topic] Haiti

17 U.S. and Canadian missionaries were recently taken hostage in Haiti, putting the world’s focus on the growing issues of violence, insecurity and political instability in Haiti. Mimi Sheller, Dean of the Global School, is an internationally-recognized scholar on Haitian relations. Dean Sheller is calling for a reset of U.S. policy in the Caribbean nation and can put the current developments in historical context, as well offer expert analysis and insight.

[Trending Topic] Tuberculosis

For the first time in more than a decade tuberculosis cases are on the rise according to the World Health Organization. Associate Professor Scarlett Shell’s research centers around better understanding this virus and possible treatments.

[Trending Topic] Cyber Security

A new report says the Russian hacker group behind the breach of SolarWinds and the attack on several U.S. agencies and technology firms has launched a new line of cyber attacks. WPI researchers Craig Shue, Kyumin Lee and Alexander Wyglinski can speak about topics including computer networking and security, social computing, 5G and wireless communications.

[Trending Topic] PFAS

The EPA recently released its plan for addressing contamination by the highly toxic persistent industrial compounds known as PFAS. These dangerous chemicals, found in drinking water, are associated with a range of health problems and last indefinitely in the environment. Professor Hal Walker is a recognized authority on water treatment and helped the State of New York adopt some of the strictest water quality standards in the country.

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