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WPI's Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center supports the culture of entrepreneurial and innovative thinking and action at WPI through skill-based workshops, seed funding, mentorship, innovation challenges, networking opportunities, hands-on projects, and more. Whether it's a student IQP, MQP, ISP, graduate research, a hobby project, a venture, or nonprofit idea, we're here to help support the development of your idea and turn it into reality for the greater good of our local and global communities.

All the greatest innovations, companies, and nonprofits in the world started with an idea, a conversation between tinkerers and idealists, or even a "what if..." to solve real-world problems. At WPI, those conversations happen every day during hands-on projects in class, over late-night texts, and while at weekend social events. Get in touch with I&E to let us know how we can assist. If you're a faculty member and need assistance promoting an event or using the right channels, let us know and we can help. 


Program type: Inspire


WPI Tinkerbox provides seed funding for WPI student-initiated innovation and entrepreneurship ideas (MQPs, graduate research and similar projects may also qualify). Grant recipients will have access to mentors, workshops that will provide customized “just-in-time” skills and events.

Program type: Build

WPI’s Mentors in Residence program connects aspiring entrepreneurs with accomplished and recognized mentors who are committed to offering guidance and sharing their expertise.

Program Type: Elevate

One of the cornerstones of the innovation ecosystem at WPI is the Tech Advisors Network (TAN), essentially a virtual incubator that launched in 2012. The Tech Advisors Network has engaged with entrepreneurs on various new products, such as a smartphone application that prevents texting and driving, an online educational tool for middle school science, and a video monitoring system.

Programs Overview

Our I&E programs are intentionally developed to inspire nnovation that will lead into building foundational skills for our students to help elevate their ideas to solve real world problems. 


Massachusetts Digital Games Institute Announces Move to WPI

The Massachusetts Digital Games Institute (MassDigi), the award-winning center for academic cooperation, entrepreneurship, and economic development across the Massachusetts video games ecosystem, will move to Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) this summer, MassDigi and WPI announced.


Interested in building a new product or have an idea for an innovative technology?


The NEW MakerBucks program helps students to 'Go and Try' their hands at a prototyping machine in our Innovation Studio Makerspace to build hardware and software prototypes. Students are given $100 to purchase project supplies and taught how to use our machines including the 3D printers and laser cutters in our prototyping lab as well as utilizing resources and tools to bring their ideas to life.

For questions and inquiries about the program, please contact Mitra Anand at


Looking for space to connect in Boston?

WPI's Seaport location offers convenient space that accommodates tech suites, meeting areas, open-concept spaces, and working spaces. Located in Boston's Innovation District, this space can be used as a workplace, classroom, meeting, event or innovative collaboration.


WPI's Innovation Studio Makes Space for Project-based Learning

With 78,000 sq. ft. of labs, collaboration spaces, and active learning classrooms, The Innovation Studio brings WPI's project-based learning approach to life.  

Coaching at the I&E Center

Are you interested in how the I&E Center can coach you in innovation strategies, best practices, and how to move forward? Get in touch with us to find out.



August 26, 2021
Innovation & Entrepreneurship

of 25 Private Colleges Where Graduates Go on to Earn the Most Money

Newsweek (2021)

most innovative schools 
U.S. News & World Report (2021)

$130 million

in funds raised for WPI startups


research funding through OSP (FY 2020)