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WPI's Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center supports the culture of entrepreneurial and innovative thinking and action at WPI through skill-based workshops, solvathons, guidance, mentorship, competitions, networking opportunities, hands-on projects, and more. Whether it's a student MQP, faculty research in the lab, a hobby project, a venture, or nonprofit idea, we're here to help.

All the greatest innovations, companies, and nonprofits in the world started with an idea, a conversations between tinkerers and idealists, or even a "what if..." to solve real-world problems. At WPI, those conversations happen every day during hands-on projects in class, over late-night texts, and while at weekend social events. Get in touch with I&E to let us know how we can assist. If you're a faculty member and need assistance promoting an event or using the right channels, let us know and we can help. 


Wintersession Hack@WPI

Join our reimagined, all-virtual event! This year WinterSession and Hack@WPI are joining forces for an exciting week-long event during winter break where you’re hacking for social good—no coding or computing experience needed! .

The WinterSession skill-building workshops (January 18-20) prepare students for the student-only hackathon (January 22-24) which this year focuses on solving problems right in the Worcester community. It is recommended students signed up for the hack attend the workshops, but anyone in the WPI community is welcome to join the workshops.


Program type: Get Started

Summer Experience Grants

The Career Development Center Grants assist undergraduate students in financing unpaid/underpaid summer experiences that are related to their career interests. Grants are given for all types of summer experiences that are career focused, ranging from the corporate world to non-profit; in the U.S. and abroad.

Program type: Get Started

NSF I-Corp at WPI

WPI I-Corp is a several week-long incubator-like program that educates on and provides financial support to teams to complete intensive customer discovery. This aids ventures to define their customer and their needs early in the development process, reducing future pivots which will save the team much time and money.

Program type: Execute

One of the cornerstones of the innovation ecosystem at WPI is the Tech Advisors Network (TAN), essentially a virtual incubator that launched in 2012. The Tech Advisors Network provides advising and networking services to support innovators and entrepreneurs. Advisees: Who are we incubating? Innovators and entrepreneurs who are members of the extended WPI community: alumni, faculty, staff, and students.

Program Type: Execute

The GEIR program is for entrepreneurs and international students who have completed an undergraduate education and qualify for an H1-B Visa*, sponsored by WPI for up to two years. The GEIRs will work for 8 hours per week at the Foisie Innovation Studio while receiving support to grow their ventures through programs like WPI’s Technical Advisors Network (TAN). The expectation is that during the course of the GEIR program, participants will work to ensure they are well positioned to obtain a longer term-visa outside of WPI.

Program Type: Execute

IP Protection through WPI

The Office of Technology Transfer at WPI helps innovators investigate the patentability of an invention. WPI will also cover the cost of the patent. It is important to contact the OTC as early as possible after an invention is made and before it is described outside the group of inventors, as there may be substantial consequences in public disclosure for the legal rights involved.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Logo

WPI’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center offers space, resources, and inspiration for new discoveries to come alive. The university’s active I&E community runs programs, makes connections, and ensures the vital spirit of innovation remains strong. Read about what we’ve been doing.


Foisie Innovation Studio Makes Space for Project-based Learning

With 78,000 sq. ft. of labs, collaboration spaces, and active learning classrooms, the Foisie Innovation Studio brings WPI's project-based learning approach to life.  

Coaching at the I&E Center

Are you interested in how the I&E Center can coach you in innovation strategies, best practices, and how to move forward? Get in touch with us to find out.



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four students sitting around the table working on a project alt
Students at last year's WinterSession collaborated on a project.
January 04, 2021
Mitra Anand, makerspace technician, with the face shields the team created. alt
Mitra Anand, makerspace technician, with the face shields the team created.
April 22, 2020

research funding through OSP (FY 2020)


national average for research universities' invention disclosures and licenses


funds raised for new ventures 

WPI Tech Advisors Network (2017)