The great innovations, the ones that advance humanity, start with people, working together. One great mind meets another, an idea is catalyzed, a leap is taken, and the world changes.

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WPI Surpasses Record for Student Patents and Licenses

WPI recently celebrated the most successful year to date for student patents and licenses. In a show of the strength of WPI's commitment to helping students change the world with their innovation and entrepreneurship, 42 students filed for patents and five licensed their patents. Read the Telegram & Gazette's coverage of how these students are taking their innovation to the next level.   


An accompanying editorial highlighted “an expanding focus on innovation and entrepreneurship that has been part of the college’s DNA going back to its founding but which is reaching a new level under President Laurie Leshin.” 


national average for research universities' invention disclosures and licenses


new ventures supported 

WPI Tech Advisors Network (2017)

Foisie Innovation Studio Makes Space for Project-based Learning

With 78,000 sq. ft. of labs, collaboration spaces, and active learning classrooms, the Foisie Innovation Studio brings WPI's project-based approach to life.  

Success Stories

Find out about the successful companies that started in WPI residence halls, classrooms, and labs and read about the people who made it happen. Read more.