WPI’s approach to innovation and entrepreneurship covers everything from idea to execution.

Our collaborative approach to project-based learning and using applied knowledge is embedded in everything we do across our campus—from coursework to informal pitch practice sessions. Our students learn how to think with an entrepreneurial spirit, even if they never plan to start a business.

At WPI, an emphasis on applied research means faculty and students engage in work that can translate into products, services, or other intellectual property. Our spaces offer areas where our students, faculty, alumni, and community and industry leaders can interact, learning from each other as they network. Students access our expertise to determine an idea’s viability, discover funding potential, and enter competitions and scholarships. We even arm them with the essential professional development skills like grant writing and business communication.

From start-up to exit strategy, an extensive network of experts and resources can help turn a spark of imagination into a marketable innovation. We take your ideas seriously.

WPI Names Donna Levin to Inaugural Executive Director Position

Donna Levin has been named to the newly created position of Executive Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, strategically positioning the university to have a greater impact—socially and commercially—through innovations developed by faculty, students, and staff. 

WPI Surpasses Record for Student Patents and Licenses

WPI recently celebrated the most successful year to date for student patents and licenses. In a show of the strength of WPI's commitment to helping students change the world with their innovation and entrepreneurship, 42 students filed for patents and five licensed their patents. Read the Telegram & Gazette's coverage of how these students are taking their innovation to the next level.   


An accompanying editorial highlighted “an expanding focus on innovation and entrepreneurship that has been part of the college’s DNA going back to its founding but which is reaching a new level under President Laurie Leshin.” 


KEEN: Cultivating the Entrepreneurial Mindset

At WPI, innovation and entrepreneurship begins with a state of mind. With recognition and funding from Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN), a national leader in entrepreneurial mindset learning, WPI weaves the approach throughout the curriculum and across campus activities. Through the work with KEEN, WPI prepares graduates with the mindset and skillset to solve problems and create value.

The Entrepreneurially Minded Culture at WPI

The First Step for Innovators and Entrepreneurs

WPI's faculty and student innovators and inventors partner with the Office of Intellectual Property & Innovation to find out if their spark of imagination has the legs to be a marketable innovation. There, they connect with the IP Evaluation Team, a vast network of WPI alumni, faculty, staff members, and friends who are all successful innovators, serial entrepreneurs, investors, and consultants themselves and willing to share their knowledge. 

Guidance from Experienced Leaders

Great ideas and innovations don't always take off in the market and that's where WPI's Tech Advisors Network (TAN) comes in. TAN helps determine if a proposal has what it takes to become a successful product. A volunteer group of more than 80 experienced innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors, TAN acts as a virtual incubator. Members offer novice entrepreneurs advice on business plans, marketing strategies, and potential funding on projects accepted for advising.


national average for research universities' invention disclosures and licenses


Funds raised for new ventures 

WPI Tech Advisors Network (2017)

new ventures supported 

WPI Tech Advisors Network (2017)

WPI Seaport Opens

WPI Seaport is a new 6,400-square-foot project center space in the heart of Boston Innovation District. Outfitted with open working spaces, a classroom, a conference room, and tech suites, WPI Seaport encourages academic, industry, and start-up collaboration and innovation.

Success Stories

Find out about the successful companies that started in WPI residence halls, classrooms, and labs and read about the people who made it happen. Read more.