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Big Data. Analytics. Insights.

The emergence of Big Data in recent years has led to a growing place in our world for data scientists—inquisitive, savvy professionals able to synthesize huge amounts of information, make sense of it, and articulate its meaning in a way that can help organizations enact change.

With a long history of conducting research in data management, statistics, and business analytics, as well as developing cutting-edge technologies, WPI is one of only a handful of universities equipped to prepare graduates for the challenges of this rapidly expanding field. Better yet, WPI offers the first Data Science program in Massachusetts that is truly interdisciplinary across departments central to core data science skills.

From data mining to the final analysis, WPI faculty and students are creating more effective methods to access and use big data and generating solutions to problems across a number of domains with a social impact.

Now Enrolling for Fall 2014

Apply now to join the exciting field of data science. Graduate programs offered on-campus or on-site at your organization. Full- and part-time available.

WPI offers the following programs:

M.S. in Data Science

B.S./M.S. in Data Science

Certificate in Data Science

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