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Why choose WPI for your business education?

Our business programs expand on WPI's renowned excellence in STEM education. Students in WPI's Business School use the powerful combination of business and STEM to derive impressive, stakeholder-driven outcomes. Whether you plan to start your own business, expand on a patent-worthy idea, or move into the C-suite, The Business School helps you achieve your professional and personal goals. Every step of the way, you'll focus on how your work impacts the larger society.

With so many advantages, why wouldn't you choose WPI?



two students talking and looking at a tablet device

Want to prepare for that next job?

Did you know WPI’s Business School offers several master’s degrees, varied certificates, and a STEM-focused MBA? You can even earn a PhD in business administration here. Our graduate programs offer business skills that come with an in-depth exploration and understanding of how to use technology to make business practices more relevant Your work will have greater impact than you ever thought possible.

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Want to leverage the power of business and STEM?

Whatever you decide to major in at WPI, taking advantage of all The Business School has to offer will only add to your skills and your relevance in the job market. We offer bachelor's degrees in business and also areas including industrial engineering and management engineering. Our graduates frequently move right into leadership programs upon graduation.

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Ready to amplify your career options and impact?

A business education makes you a sought-after professional. Whether you're starting your undergraduate studies, earning a graduate degree, or seeking to improve your business skills, The Business School offers courses, minors, majors, certificates, and advanced degree programs that will make you more valuable in the job market.

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Want to study with thought leaders?

Our faculty are on the cutting edge of industry practice and leadership and deliver an unsurpassed business education. Students gain advanced knowledge and are able to put what they learn into practice right away. With their mentorship, you'll have rapid career growth in areas where you'll make meaningful impact.

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Want to make a meaningful impact?

Research at The Business School incorporates the valuable scientific and technological perspective the world needs right now. With this understanding business professionals like you make more informed decisions that have greater impact.

Meet Our Students

zoe januszewski

Zoe Januszewski '22

BS in Industrial Engineering

When COVID-19 hit, Zoe Januszewski put her WPI education to work—that is, by quick-thinking, adapting, collaborating, and problem-solving.  

elizabeth h.

Elizabeth Hagan

Junior, BS in Business

WPI’s encouraging community has helped Elizabeth follow her passion for social justice and community change.

Sebastian R.

Sebastian Rodriguez '20

Senior, BS in Business (concentration in Innovation for Social Change)

Sebastian finds his purpose, thanks to his faculty mentors and his engagement with the WPI campus community.

Alumni Feature: A Hunger Satisfied

Once a poor teenager with audacious dreams, Misael Diaz defines his own destiny and finds success as an entrepreneur and leadership coach.

Faculty Snapshot: Professor Kenny Ching

Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship of The Business School

It’s a Home Run for Projects

Have you been to a WooSox game yet? The School of Business is proud to be an Official Academic Technology Advisor to the Worcester Red Sox. Learn more about the partnership and what that means for students and project opportunities.

Turning Point: Sports Analytics

Joseph Botelho ’14 began to think of a career in baseball when Theo Epstein was a pretty big deal locally as GM for the Red Sox. He says. “He was someone I could look to and say, ‘Hey, I want to do that!’” Hear his story about how a first year course lead him to major in business administration.


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