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WPI’s Computer Science department is as diverse and varied as the field of computer science itself, offering courses and specializations in areas such as human-robotic interaction, intelligent tutoring and educational data mining, bioinformatics, computer security and privacy, and graphics and animation, among many others. WPI stays at the forefront of this ever-growing industry so that as society's use of computers expands, our students are confident in their knowledge of developing technologies in the real world through their work on large-scale team projects that make a real difference to the community.

Our hands-on education ensures that graduates of the Computer Science program leave WPI as problem-solvers and accomplished researchers who are ready to hit the ground running and make immediate contributions to this exciting and dynamic field.

Degrees & Certificates

Degree is also offered online.
Area of Study Bachelor Minor Certificate Master PhD
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WPI offers two master’s degrees in computer science to help students find the right academic path to reach their career goals. Find out which degree is right for you.

A Cybersecurity concentration is available within the Bachelor of Computer Science degree.  A Cybersecurity specialization is available within the Master’s or PhD in Computer Science.

The Most Recent Edition of SIGBITS

A summary of department happenings involving faculty and students.

Meet Our Students

Headshot of Stephen Price, A Student Voice

Stephen Price ’23 BS/MS

BS/MS Computer Science

Stephen takes advantage of WPI’s flexible academic structure through his participation in high-level research projects and publications.  


Evans Owusu '24

BS, Computer Science and Interactive Media & Game Development

Evans' love of computer science has led them to discover many opportunities to contribute to campus life. 

Justin Amevor wearing a black t-shirt that says Doughboyz

Justin Amevor '20 (BS), '22 (MS)

MS, Computer Science

Justin's drive to focus his life to directly serving others is evident in his commitment to social justice causes, his entrepreneurial direction, and his devotion to student activities.

Headshot of Kushal Gandhi

Kushal Gandhi '22

BS, Robotics Engineering & Computer Science

Joining Enactus, WPI’s student-run social entrepreneurship club, connected Kushal with WPI’s I&E community to help him follow his passions.

Megan's headshot

Megan DeSanty ’24

BS Robotics Engineering, minor in Computer Science

Community service projects and staying active are important parts of Megan’s life, both on and off campus.  


WPI FORW-RD NRT Program © 2020

Future of Robots in the Workplace – Research & Development Program

Robots will steal (some of) our jobs, and this may not necessarily be a bad thing. It is inevitable that robotic interfaces and assistants will play a bigger role in the workplace in the decades ahead of us. Yet, as current robotics research shows, robots perform better at tasks that are considerably difficult for humans and fail in tasks that are easy for humans. As such, the future of work depends on how well we can establish a division of labor between robots and humans, so that robots will perform tasks that are risky and dangerous, and humans will focus on higher-level, more meaningful, and yet easier, value-added activities that are less strenuous.

Careers in Computer Science

The widespread and increasing use of computers and information technology has generated a need for highly trained, innovative workers with extensive practical and theoretical expertise. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics continually predicts a faster-than-average growth rate in computer science jobs, thanks to the continued creation and adoption of new technologies.

CS Department Celebrated 50th Anniversary March 16, 2019


Our Computer Science 50th Anniversary Celebration was a wonderful event!

Thank you to all that made the trip back to campus to celebrate with us. 

See Photos and a Panel Video from the day. 

From WPI's Alumni Magazine

Online Math Help That Works

ASSISTments, a free educational platform developed by WPI researchers, uses immediate feedback to improve learning outcomes.

Media Coverage


CBS Boston interviewed WPI senior Alyssa Magaha, who interned for the DART NASA mission that pushed an asteroid off its course.

The Telegram & Gazette highlighted Justin Amevor, a second-year graduate student majoring in computer science who launched DoughBoyz Breakfast this summer. DoughBoyz is a social justice and sustainability foundation serving food to insecure college students and underserved communities.


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