Travel the World via the Written Word  

In original forms and in translation, students of literature travel the world via the written word. These intellectual journeys help students learn to think closely, comparatively, and contextually about texts from different times and places, produced by authors of distinct backgrounds and commitments.  

What unites such work is a common emphasis on the power of the imagination to communicate experience through language. Reading texts from various traditions empowers students to frame questions about literature and about life in inventive ways. As they pursue these ideas, they develop their creative and critical thinking skills and enhance their capacities for global learning and intercultural knowledge.  

Drawing on core strengths in English, German, and Spanish, course offerings include attention to major literary movements from antiquity to the present, as well as related areas including film studies and media studies.  


An area of depth in literature culminates in an inquiry seminar or practicum where students engage in research projects toward the completion of the Humanities and Arts Requirement. Mixing independent investigation with collaborative and constructive critique, projects may feature interpretative essays, works of creative writing, digital humanities initiatives, theatre productions, or original translations.  

Recent seminars have pivoted around various topics in literary studies, and many have also extended into performing arts and popular culture. Consult this list Inquiry Seminars or Practicums (.pdf, 413kb) for a full list of inquiry seminars and practicums to be offered this academic year.

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