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Passionate gamers who are also artists, programmers, storytellers, musicians, and explorers find their way to WPI’s Interactive Media and Game Development (IMGD) Program. Trailblazers as individuals and as a community, WPI’s IMGD faculty and students push the boundaries of new worlds of emerging media, from mobile gaming to intelligent tutoring.

WPI’s IMGD program, one of the earliest gaming programs in the nation, blends the artistic and technical aspects of game development and interactive media. Our research and courses span such diverse topics as digital painting, 3-D modeling, writing for games, game audio, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. Working alongside renowned faculty researchers and industry advisors, students immerse themselves in creating games and interactive environments that shape advances in the gaming industry as well as areas like education, healthcare, art, and social sciences.

Learn more about the Becker-WPI Pathway Program for interactive media students.

Degrees & Certificates

Area of Study Bachelor Minor Certificate Master PhD
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four students on MQP team standing near their product the Call of Karen in a booth alt
The Call of Karen MQP team (l to r) Kate Olguin, Mikel Matticoli, Diana Kumykova, Thomas Tawadros in a pre-pandemic photo.
January 28, 2021


April 05, 2021
Innovation & Entrepreneurship
February 09, 2021
School of Arts & Sciences
October 01, 2020
School of Arts & Sciences
February 14, 2020
School of Arts & Sciences

Media Coverage

WBUR mentioned Associate Professor of Interactive Media and Game Development and Humanities & Arts Joshua Rosenstock's Fermentophone exhibit at the Harvard Museum of Natural History as one of the 5 Things To Do This Weekend. 

In an article by Fast Company, Jennifer deWinter, associate professor of rhetoric and director of IMGD, comments on how, during the history and development of video games, companies targeted white, adolescent teenaged boys as their prime consumer group. 

GDC Ceremony

IMGD Opportunities

WPI graduate and undergraduate students alike have the chance to share their impressive games at prestigious events, including the Game Developers Conference and PAX East, where students are responsible for planning, designing, and running WPI’s booth at the exhibitor hall. Conferences and opportunities like these are the perfect way for students to take their first steps into the industry and network with professionals.

Diversity in Gaming Club

Join the IMGD Community

At WPI, you’re part of a diverse and supportive community that helps each other learn and grow. So don’t stay cooped up in your dorm room making games on your own—get involved with all the IMGD-related clubs on campus, start your own game studio with your fellow friendly neighborhood IMGD students, and immerse yourself in everything that IMGD has to offer!