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WPI Interactive Media and Game Development (IMGD) is among the oldest games and interactive degree in the nation. Blending the visual and technical arts, programming, storytelling, music, writing, design, user experience, and production management - IMGD offers highly customizable degree programs that both covers the breadth of interactive media and games and empowers students to specialize in their own area of interest. One of the only academic units in the nation that has all the areas of games and interactive media within a single program, IMGD is a hyper-collaborative program. Through course and project work, IMGD trains students at all levels both in development of specialized skillsets and in how to effectively and respectfully communicate with each other, collaborate, and work toward common design goals that require all those skills to align.

Working alongside renowed faculty researchers and industry advisors, students are immersed from day one in a project-based learning curriculum that is co-constructed by students and faculty. IMGD specializes in learning through making and research through design. Students create everything from escape rooms to mobile games, from creative coding languages to 3D character asset libraries, from new techniques for mitigating network latency in games to interactive museum exhibits -- and everything in between!

Games is the world's largest entertainment industry and a significant driver of culture. Interactive media are how people from all walks of life interact with and come to understand major computational advancements. And combined, these are fields that generate technological advancements that push all industries forward, including education, robotics, healthcare, and artificial intelligence.


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The Princeton Review (2024)
Top 20%

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Area of Study Bachelor Minor Certificate Master PhD
Computational Media phd
Interactive Media & Game Design (MFA) master
Interactive Media & Game Development bachelor minor master
Interactive Media & Game Development (BA) bachelor

Meet Our Students

Kathleen Morrissey, PhD
Kathleen Morrissey, PhD
Computational Media

Kathleen is eager to explore leadership and research opportunities while collaborating with a diverse student community.[...]

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Darren Cole
Darren Cole
PhD, Computational Media

Artist Darren loves to dream big and appreciates WPI’s dedication to helping students achieve their goals[...]

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Karen Royer
Karen Royer
MS, Interactive Media and Game Development (IMGD)

Karen came to WPI to get her master’s degree nearly 30 years after earning her first degree[...]

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Evans Owusu '24
Evans Owusu '24
BS, Computer Science and Interactive Media & Game Development

Evans' love of computer science has led them to discover many opportunities to contribute to campus life. [...]

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