Minor in Media Arts

It’s not surprising to learn that many WPI students enjoy art just as much as they do science and technology. If you count yourself among them, a minor in media art (with courses in visual, graphic, and audio arts; art history; and film) can be a great way to channel your inner designer or cinematographer without losing focus on your calling as a scientist or engineer.


Students minoring in media art will be required to complete two units of work listed in the Undergraduate Catalog that focus on a variety of art forms, distributed in the following way:

  • Courses in visual art production (usually AR, 3/3 unit)
  • Courses in audio arts, critical studies in art, or visual art directly related to digital media production (1/3 unit)
  • Course in art history (1/3 unit)
  • Visual Art Capstone Experience

The Visual Art Capstone Experience must be taken last, as a 3000-level course in consultation with the student’s minor advisor and approved by both parties. The option of completing an independent study/project in visual art is also available.

Application Process

If you’re interested in a minor in media art, complete the Minor Application Form. You may also email Joshua Rosenstock with any questions.

Any student is eligible for the media art minor, except for those majoring in Interactive Media & Game Development with an art focus.